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Thursday, March 12, 2009

When it rains

When it rains,
There's no chance to go for a swim,
Unless you don't mind swimming in a drain.

When it rains,
Neither can you paddle on the bicycle,
Coz' people would then say "Don't you have any brain?"

When it rains,
Running too won't be materialized,
Keeping up the fitness level is gonna be a pain.

Hahaha, kelakarnya dengar pantun mengarut ni. Blame it to the feeling of guilt for not updating the blog for quite some days. It's been raining a lot over here in JB towards the evening for the past few weeks. Not much of secret training could be carried out. Semua training plan jadi tunggang langgang.

When it rains,
I would take it easy,
But when it stops,
I'll push it to the top!

High, macamana la nak jadi power ni... training asyik ke longkang je

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