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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The End Of A Beginning

Last week I was kind of nervous with the race I’m getting into come this Sunday for one main reason – the feeling of insufficient training. In fact, it was true that I did not get enough time or chance to peak my training last week. With zero long rides for the whole month, and the pouring from the skies most of the days, it was not easy to bluff my brain in saying that I’ll be doing just fine on the race day. Many things felt wrong. Gabra beb!

Fortunately and surprisingly, I’m feeling a bit calmer this week. Did not really feel the tense though I know I did not clock enough training hours as much as I anticipated at first. I am not really sure why, but with the start of tapering, and preparation for the travelling to Kenyir, it feels like, “Heck with the training. Enough or not, I want to go to Kenyir and have fun racing with friends.”

To be frank, I’m not really sure whether I’m doing a proper tapering or not. I did a combo bike + swim on Monday, and a combo run + swim yesterday. Tonight, with God’s willing I plan to do another combo of ride + run, which will conclude my tapering process. So I hope. Well, I’m only experiencing with myself. Not sure what would be the outcome.

Not really sure of what to do on Thursday. I have been thinking of doing some water splashing activities in the pool. Friday night, we’ll begin the long journey by bus from JB to Kenyir, where all the fun begins!!!

I’m getting towards the end of a beginning.

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