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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Please find some time to perform this driving test. We always thought we are good at multi-tasking, i.e. doing multiple tasks at the exact same time. You'll be surprised how weak we actually are at multi-tasking, especially when driving motor vehicle.

I got this from a colleague via email, and below are some notes that came along:

"Humans learn from each other by hearing, seeing and feeling.

Tell people about the danger of driving while using a cell phone so they hear it.
Don’t talk on cell phones while you are driving so people won’t be influenced by seeing you on a cell phone while driving.
You can always wait to answer your cell phone once you are parked so you don’t have to have that feeling you are doing something wrong by talking while you are driving.

The only person who can change your behavior is… YOU. Make the right choice. Stay off your cell phone while driving."

Remember, Safety First.

Standard note we used to hear all this while is, "Pandulah dengan cermat. Ingatlah orang tersayang".

I have an additional note to fellow triathletes:

"Pandulah dengan cermat dan selamat. Ingatlah BASIKAL MAHAL kat rumah tuuu.. hehehe"

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