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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Borak-borak ride

Last night was a great night out ride. The ride was supposed to start at 8.30pm, and having more and more riders coming, new and old faces, just made last night's ride even merrier, though we all started to cycle at 9pm.

Unfortunately I did not bring along my digital camera or else I could share with you the +/- 15 riders gathering at the petrol station, chit chatting prior to the ride. It was just like a 'party'.

The fast and furious as usual cycled at the front, chasing each other. One Ironman-to-be and I cycled in the middle and the MTB-ers (betul ke ni?) were at the back. My Cateye speedometer battery was almost dead, I can't really see the speed I was doing. Thus, I just hooked up with this Ironman-to-be who agreed to cycle 5 loops of the 6km road track.

I would say, this was the ride where I spent talking all the way through. We did not do bullet-train-speed, just keeping 30-35km/hr on the flat, and 23-25km/hr while climbing. Enough to force the sweat to exit the skin without pushing the legs too much.

We talked about triathlon experience a lot, and about his preparation for the coming Ironman in Langkawi, a bit about endurance sports in general, small piece about local politics, and erm.. that's about it I guess.

Lately I've been pretty cought up with work at the office. On Monday and Tuesday, I only went home after 9.30pm, to which I consider slightly early comparing to the times where I used to go home nearly 12 midnight.

So, last night's ride was kind of a refresher for me. Forget everything about work, and enjoying my self with the group of people who share the same hobby, or passion, or whatever you want to call it.

Oh yeah, this Sunday morning I will be volunteering myself for the Trikidz 3rd race of the year at the UM (Univ. Malaya) sports center. Not really sure yet what i can do to help but physically I will be there, insyaAllah. More info can be found here. Feel free to join if you are timely available.

Dulu, diorang (kawan-kawan triathlon) jugak yang tolong kita belajar macamana untuk join sukan triahlon ni, so sekarang turn kita la pulak untuk tolong diorang, betul tak?

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