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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sedili Part III

More photos from a friend...

Cameraman: "Weh Azhar, ko kayuh laju eh?"
Azhar: "Tengok kaki laaaa. Aku letak baja Powerbar kat kepala lutut aku ni."

The happy faces of strong triathletes from JB-tri group.

Masing-masing perut dah kenyang lepas makan kat Tg. Sedili, time to ride home!

Strong guys in action.. "Kayuh beb, kayuh"

Slow-macam-siput guy trying to catch up with the fast n furious. "Woi, tunggu aku wooii!!"

Cool pictures taken by a 17yrs old boy.

And as usual, every Wednesday night there will be the "Golden Dream" ride. See y'all tonite at the track!

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