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Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of the unusuals

Usually we would be doing the main kejar-kejar berbasikal on Wednesday nights here in JB. But, yesterday was unusual for me. Here goes the story.

Early morning yesterday, I already packed my road bike and the stuffs into the car when I went to the office so that after work I can directly go to the Taman Impian Emas for cycling, as usual lah. The weather looked fine and clear, not rainy like the week before. So, that was good. Everything sounds like a good plan and I should be able to enjoy a good ride at night.

That nice hope I had all went to longkang when at 3pm, my boss sent an email saying that we need to have a tele-conference at 9pm with the engineers in the States.

What the...??? Argghhh...!!!!!

I had two choices:
1) Forget the unreasonable-timing tele-conference and enjoy myself on the bike with the guys.
2) Join the tele-conference and pray hard that it will end in 30 seconds so that I can still rush for cycling.

Well, though a tele-conference meeting will never end in 30 seconds, I opted for the second choice for the good sake of my career journey.

At the end, it ended at 9.20pm. I was already too late to join the cycling, so I just drove to the cycling place and train myself to become a support car driver. Haha.

To tell you the truth, I see a different perspective when I'm inside the car, looking at the spirit and commitment of these triathletes training hard for the big event, Ironman Langkawi. Very determined. They do train hard to beat themselves. Respectable.

I then hang out with the group after they've finished their training. Keeping up new and old news, Malakoff Powerman stories, weekend's long ride plan, weekend's swimming group, etc. Last but not least, the makan-makan session sebagai penutup tirai di malam Rabu.

Balik rumah, simpan balik basikal ke dalam rumah dengan penuh rasa sedih sebab semalam tak boleh kayuh.


fajar said...

everytime i saw some guy cycling their bike at glasgow, instantly i remember u.

i wonder how will it be if you could cycle across the cold city, with those spandex. hehehe. sexy wooooo

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

everytime i see someone cycling road bike, meleleh wa cakap lu...

bukan meleleh sbb tengok spandex sexy diorang laa, tapi meleleh sbb terliur dgn kekuatan kaki dan mental diorang kayuh laju & jauh... aku kena training banyak2 lagi ni..

deejay said...

weiiii.... ape cite2 spandex nih....hehehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Bro, jangan jeles bro.. muahaha