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Monday, November 24, 2008

Pusing-pusing Kulai

If on Saturday I went cycling pusing-pusing to Senai area, yesterday (Sunday) I went cycling again, and this time pusing-pusing Kulai area.

Started with another 3 guys from the place they called "garden" (opposite the old waterfront building, nearby Istana JB), off we went at 7.40am. The route took us passed the famous Danga Bay, then through the long stretch of Jalan Skudai going up north, then passing the Skudai area, then Senai town, until we came to our u-turn point which was at the flyover bridge nearby IOI mall in Kulai.

All together go and back, we clocked 60km and we've cycled that distance non-stop just inside 2 hours time. Basically speaking, average speed might be around 28 - 29'ish km/hr, I would guess.

Fortunately, the weather was not as bad as the day before. But, it did feel a bit hot when we had to stop at the traffic lights. Well, that's the normal thing we get and I'm not complaining, only telling the story.. hehe.

Well, for me it was a great ride. There were not so many tough climbs like those we had to face whenever doing the Kota Tinggi route. That explains why we can cycle at considerably high speed. Most importantly, my legs were fully cooperative and pretty energized throughout the whole ride.

If doing the Kg. Melayu - Kota Tinggi route, though the distance is roughly the same as the JB - Kulai route, a guy like me (weak that is) won't be able to paddle through all the killer climbs without cursing or at least feeling a glitch of regret attempting it at the first place.

Enough with the cycling things.

In the evenings of Saturday and Sunday also, I went to the pool. Dah lama tak berenang lama-lama. Well, the Saturday trip to the pool was not that fun as I suffered a bit when my shoulders started to feel the strain as I did the 50m laps for few times.

Yesterday was a bit different. Shoulders felt better, and I could swim slightly longer distance. A friend even told me not to swim so fast as it will lead me to being out of breath and unable to do more laps. He suggested me to swim a bit slower but doing more laps, in order to build better endurance. It worked!

To top up the fun, I did the diving from papan anjal (err, what is it in english?). When I went to the gym while being in the States, I always feel jealous with the little boys doing the diving from the papan anjal. Some of them could even do sommersault dive. But, I'm still very far from being berani-mati-katak to do sommersault dive. Instead, I just did the "terjun-masuk-kepala-dalam-air-dulu" for few times.

For the very first attempt, I was a bit scared because I never did that before. But after the success of the first attempt, boy I tell you, it was awesome!

Can you feel that I'm still smiling now? Hehe.

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