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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sedili Part II

Now it's time to do the cover up story for the 140km cycling trip from Kg. Melayu to Tg. Sedili on last Sunday morning. Dah penat-penat kayuh, kena buat report la pulak. Mengalahkan reporter.

First of all, remember this. "Sayang, I hate you!".


As promised, we gathered at the Esso station of Kg. Melayu Majidee. Gedebuk gedebak, total of 6 guys turned up, except sorang mamat ni yang lambat bangun tido. Dia suruh kitorang jalan dulu, nanti dia kejar dari belakang. Some of them have cycled to Sedili for few times, except for me and two more guys. They were the hardcore of the JB-tri team. Diorang memang powerbar gile ah.

Masing-masing sedang bersiap.

All geared up, ready to rumble! This guy is also a first timer to Sedili, just like me. But he is more power ranger than me la.


Terlewat setengah jam dari plan asal. Due to the long distance need to cover, initial plan was to start the journey at 0700hrs. The first 10km was the best. Reason being, legs still fresh, weather was still cool, and most importantly no rolling hills yet. Everybody was cruising happily. By this time, the 7th guy dah berjaya kejar kitorang.

After the 10th to 15th km, we started to meet some rolling hills. This was where I turned from cruising to cursing. Haha. For every hills we climbed, I always got dropped behind. Diorang laju je panjat bukit, unlike me. Terkedek-kedek macam siput demam.

At roughly 50km I started to feel a little bit of fatigue on both of my thighs. As I mentioned in earlier post, I did not make enough physical preparation. And at this time, Sayang came to greet us.

"Oh Sayang, why were you so cruel to me? You really made me suffer that day. I hate you!"

By the way, above dialogue has nothing to do with my wife or my road bike.

It was the 'Kg. Sayang' hills which we had to climb from roughly the 55th to 60th km. These were the hardest of all. Damn hard. I never met this kind of hills before. Memang segala jenis skill carutan-carutan dan maki hamun keluar masa panjat bukit Kg. Sayang ni. Just imagine, I could only managed to climb the hill at 9km/hr or 11km/h max. Nothing faster than that. The other guys yang masih fit tu toksah citer la, masing-masing macam ada enjin turbo kat kepala lutut diorang. Dah jauh kat depan dah.

Coming down from Kg. Sayang (well, not really down, only flat roads), I lost my energy in the legs. I barely can cycle at 25km/hr even on flat roads. The final 10km towards the u-turn point (Tg. Sedili) felt like a never ending journey.


We arrived at Tg. Sedili. Time for breakfast. I downed one plate of nasi lemak and another plate of roti canai telur. The guys told me not to take nasi lemak, but it was too late. Aku lapar gile.

This is Tg. Sedili. 70km from Kg. Melayu Majidee in JB.

The makan-makan session.


We began the journey back. Matahari dah terpacak tegak atas kepala. I wonder how would I cycle back to JB with my fatigue legs plus the hot weather. For me, the nightmare has just begun.

With only one target in mind, which was to complete the 140km journey, I continued cycling no matter how slow I could manage. I tell you, if you are not physically fit like me, you're gonna suffer. Just like me.

My advice, get yourself a MP3 player. In case you got dropped off behind and cycling alone, at least you have some musics to listen to. Kurang sikit potential untuk jadi gila. Better than talking alone on the bike, right? Hahaha.

At 95km point, I could not bare the pain in my thighs. I had to stop for 3 minutes break. Still long way to go.

The guys stopped further in front just to wait for me. At one point, I rejoined them at this signage.

Penat-penat pun sempat lagi posing dengan gajah.

I would say I cycled alone almost all the way back from Tg. Sedili to Kg. Melayu Majidee. From Tg. Sedili it was hot, then a little bit of rain, and when almost reaching Kg. Melayu Majidee it went hot again. I never reached more than 30km/hr on the way back other then when downhill. Totally no energy in the legs. 100% kaput!

The good thing is, these guys were so supportive. They stopped for few times just to wait for me and maybe to see how long my tongue came out from my mouth. My spirit increased a bit everytime I rejoined them at their 'stop-to-wait-for-Nik' break points.


I safely made it back to the starting point, Esso station where we parked our cars. Penat nak mampus. It made me really wonder how could Ironman run a marathon after cycling 180km. Aku yang kayuh 140km slow and steady ni pun dah terjelir lidah tak ingat. Kalau aku buat Ironman, silap haribulan boleh jatuh berguguran lidah aku kot.

At this moment, I'm sure I won't be doing this again (I say this coz my thighs are still feeling the pain). But, who knows what will happen in the future, right?

That's it folks. End of story. The summary goes like this:

Distance covered: 140km (New PR, yeay!)
Total time: 7hrs
Cycling time: Ada la dalam 6hrs kot.
Average speed: Aku tak tau, speedometer aku takde average measurement. One thing for sure, aku slow gile!
Calory burnt: Ni pun aku tak tau, tapi aku dah melantak nasi lemak + roti canai telur.

Anyway, the experience was truely priceless!

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