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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Powerman 2008

Honda's advertisement would say, "The Power of Dreams"

Celine Dion sang the song entitled, "The Power of Love"

The weekend of Malakoff Powerman 2008 had just finished. As usual, being follower for some of the powerful triathletes' blogs (they call people like me as 'blog-stalker' - sungguh tak patut.. hehe), I would go and read their stories on the said events.

There are the good stories, the inpiring stories, the bad stories, and lots of other types of stories told by each of them taking part in that big event. Normally, though I cannot deny I felt envy with what they could do, at the same time I feel inspired to continue with this endurance sport.

Well, hari dah malam, dah hampir waktu untuk pergi main kejar-kejar berbasikal di trek Golden Dream seperti kebiasaan Rabu malam. So, ciao for now!

I can only dream...

New update: Nobody turned up for kayuh malam ni sebab hujan... boringnya

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