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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pusing-pusing Senai

Due to not being able to cycle last Wednesday night and since I'm not going back to KL this weekend, my kaki felt gatal-gatal since I woke up and therefore I went out on the bike to do some "pusing-pusing kampung" ride this morning.

The pusing-pusing route this morning was from my hommie nearby Taman U area (Skudai), u-turn at Senai airport and back to my hommie. A solo ride.

It was not very far. A total distance of only 34km. It took a slow guy like me around 1.25hrs to finish this seciput distance, with the hot morning sun accompanying me faithfully all the way through.

And though it was not that far in distance wise, I felt my two legs were very heavy, macam takde power langsung. Even after cycling for a mere 10km I've started to feel the slight fatigue in the legs. Tak kiralah aku pakai crank kecik ke crank besar ke, rasa macam takde power untuk kayuh. Moral dropped down really badly and I feel like not wanting to join the group to cycle from JB to Desaru (total 150km) tomorrow morning.

Kalau kayuh 34km pun dah terjelir lidah, camne la aku nak habiskan 150km? Dah la diorang tu kayuh laju bangat. I thought the last time when I did the 140km pun rasa macam amazing gile. Not sure whether I can do it again with the additional 10km.

I think, even if I join them for the long ride, maybe I'll take an early u-turn to complete roughly 60km and let them move on to achieve their target. I feel bad everytime when they have to stop and wait for me the slow guy because they are not cycling for fun, they are training for Ironman. I don't want to interfere their training regime.

Dengan kata lain, "aku tak larat la nak kayuh jauh-jauh!!!"

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