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Monday, November 17, 2008

Her second one

Last year I missed her birthday because I was having my job training in the States. It was a sad moment because I was not able to be by her side on the first birthday in her life. Though for sure she doesn't have any clue yet what birthday meant, but I've lost the chance and will never get it back. True?

This year I'm happy. I'm here to celebrate her second birthday. Most importantly, I hope she's happier than me.

Last Sunday (yesterday) was my daughter's second birthday. I did not arrange for grand celebration, that's not my style. Just enough by having my close family member to gather around my small little house, to eat together, and to pray to God for my daughter's success in life, good continuous health, bright future, and happiness throughout her wonderful life.

I just bought a simple cake, to which I enjoyed looking at my daughter smiling face when she happily and exitedly cut the cake. I hope she can remember that moment till the rest of her life.

We also bought some balloons and hang some on the walls, and some we let her play with. She ran here and there throwing and kicking the balloons around the house. Laughter non stop.

Her aunt bought her a penguin doll because she knows my daughter loves Pingu so much.

I'm glad I can make it to be by her side on her birthday this year though just for the very short weekends. And I pray hard that I can quickly return back to my 'normal' life where I can be at home everyday.

I know she misses me, as much as I miss her.

Happy Birthday Nurin!
Daddy loves you so much.


e.t said...

Cute Nurin ni... ikut mommy or daddy nih?

may be i should find one pingu for my girl too as she likes pingu also (but where to find MAT Kampong Boy for my little boy? berebut pingu kang...)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

kalau nak cari Mat Kampong Boy tu, cuba pegi tengok kat Kampung Baru ke, Kampung Pandan ke, Kampung Melayu Subang ke, Kampung apa lagi ek??.. hehe

Beli la dua bijik Pingu.. baru tak berebut..

fajar said...

so sweet!

happy birthday nurin

*isk, terasa emosi pulak baca entri ni.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

"Thank you pakcik fajar. Nanti jgn lupa bawak balik onde-onde dari Glasgow utk Nurin (& daddy Durin) ye".. "eh silap, ole-ole la..bukan onde-onde"..

sal1506 said...

wah, dah besar ghupanya...
happy birthday to nurin :D