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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trikidz - Nov '08

I've been wanting to update the story about last weekend where I volunteered myself for the Trikidz - Nov '08 edition, which was held at the UM sports center. But due to busy-ntahahapa with work, only today I can do some blog updating secara kecil-kecilan.

Saturday was the clinic - where the kids were given briefing and training on each and every legs of triathlon. The swimming, the cycling, the running, and also the transitioning.

The race director (in orange t-shirt) is giving the opening briefing.

The coaches (from left): Bukhary, Jaja, Badrul, err.. tak ingat, Mat, err.. tak ingat lagi, Gary, Ros, Dino, Azhar and Stephanie. The race director, Azwar in the orange t-shirt.

TV3 crews doing some coverage of the event.

Coach Steph is heating up the kids with the warming-up session.

That's about all the photos I captured on Saturday during the clinic because I spent the rest of the morning at the pool side. Volunteering lah katakan...

Sunday - the race day.

Youngest participant, maybe? Cute isn't she?

Body marking session. Sam, Carmen and Chang (sorry if I get your name wrong) writing down the race numbers of each participants. Just like in the real triathlon.

Long queue for body marking.

"Practicing your podium entry?"

Pre-race briefing. "Okay adik adik, mari sini abang nak bagitau macamana nak race. Mula-mula, berenang kat sini dua lap. Lepas keluar dari kolam, pegi dekat mama mintak susu sebotol ye..."

"We're ready to go!!!

Coach Azhar releasing the kids for the swim leg. "Go, go, go! Ayya karambaaa..!!"

The swim-to-bike transition. Looks like a pro, right?

In actual triathlon, you can never cycle or run torso-naked. Silap haribulan boleh disqualified.

Nice bike... I like...

Size or age do not matter. The spirit to finish the race does.

They did it!

I was assigned the task to wait at the cycling u-turn point, which was about 1km away from the transition. Luckily lots of tree shades around, or else I might turned out more hitam legam due to standing in the heat without any sunblock.

The parents and their mini-triathletes. Many of them have left before the closing ceremony ended, too bad.

Want to know more stories? Visit the trikidz website here.

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