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Monday, December 29, 2008


Doing triathlon, I was introduced to PowerBar and PowerGel.

Today's entry is not about above two 'power' thingy, but for a non-consumable item called digital camera.

I got myself an end-year present - a Canon PowerShot A470.

Well, I did not buy all the color schemes. Gilo apo? I only bought the grey one, the only stock available at the shop at that time.

This is what I can afford for myself at this moment. Something to cheer me up a little bit sebagai penghapus luka-luka berdarah sepanjang 2008, and to boost up a little bit on my motivation to face the more challenging 2009 (read: plan nak masuk more tri events, so kalau tak dapat race pun.. dapat ambik gambar orang lain race pun jadik lah).

Though I am already using the 2002 model of PowerShot S30 (3.2Megapixel with 10x zoom aje) which I bought when I was in Japan, but this slick-er and tiny-er A470 is kind of tricky to handle. I mean, to produce good and sharp photos.

If using the S30 model, I can easily use the "sports mode" and I will never get shaky images, due to the short shutter opening time. But with this A470, I am yet to explore its full potential. I'm studying the manual and reading from websites for some skill learning. Feel free to share with me if any of you are also using the same camera.

Hopefully more photos will appear on this blog.

And I serioulsy need to learn how to upload photos for my facebook. Crap!

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