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Monday, December 15, 2008

Tour de Pontian (Updated with photos)

Since I got my road bike, I've cycled to few places here in Johor that I have not even reached by car. For example, Tanjung Sedili, or Kota Tinggi waterfall or Gelang Patah. Last Saturday I went to a new place - Pontian.

Some said the route from JB to Pontian is pretty flat, not so many climbs to be done. And some also said not to underestimate the windy route.

From JB we departed at around 7.40am, though the planned departure time is 7.00am. Total of 6 riders, with 50% of them including me will be cycling the first time to Pontian. One guy just bought a road bike and he's having some issues to get his body to get used to the road bike, as he was an MTB user. Kejap-kejap ngadu sakit bontot, kejap-kejap ngadu sakit leher, kejap-kejap ngadu sakit belakang. "Normal la tu Joe, badan tak 'season' lagi tu", I told him.

The journey from JB to Pontian was great. Lots of clauds. I enjoyed cruising at a moderate speed of 30 - 35km/hr on the flat roads. Layan. Not easy to be able to paddle with this speed for long distance actually, but since they all were already far ahead of me and I don't know the route, so I have to try to keep inside the grouping or else I might get lost.

Once reached Pontian, we went for breakfast at one of the mamak's there. Adus, suddenly takde idea pulak nak sambung ayat ni.

Pendek cerita, lepas makan kitorang bergerak kayuh balik ke JB. Matahari dah makin terik, headwind dah makin kuat. Nak maintain speed 30km/hr pun rasa macam nak terjelir. Well, actually memang dah terjelir pun. Penat siot. Dah la lama melepak kat kedai basikal kat Pekan Nenas, tunggu member tukar tayar bocor.

Well, I don't know why but I don't really feel like blogging today. Maaf di atas mutu kemaskini blog yang macam hampeh pada harini. Nasib baik aku tak makan gaji jadi tukang update blog.

Sorry folks, my brain is dead tired now. I'll update some photos later, insyaAllah. Aku nak update facebook kejap, lepas tu nak balik rumah tido!

Ops, before leaving here's the summary of the ride:
Total distance covered: 93.5km
Departed at 7.40am
Arrived back at starting point at 1.30pm (Matahari dah terpacak beb!)
Average speed: Never really bother. Yang penting I cycled all the way through.


[ e v i l g e n i u s ] said...

gamba. gamba. gamba.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

ok bro.. gambar dah update..

Dancing Ciken said...

wah bagus2. keep it up nik

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ala Jaja, my journey in this sport is still at the beginning la, not as powerful as you guys kat klang valley nun.

Hopefully i can join u and ur group to cycle up Broga, one day insyaAllah (when i'm back in KL).