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Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Meaning Of LSD

Running with a group of friends normally won't make you feel so mentally tired, regardless of the distance covered. But, this morning was something different. I felt a bit tired. Not due to running, but due to laughing. It brought a new meaning to the abbreviation LSD.

As planned, we gathered at Bukit Aman this morning for a long run. When the five of us met, the laughing session began. We get to know that two other weekend warriors were lost in their battle with alarm clocks and blankets. Poor them, they didn't manage to join us.

The local Geng Kaki Lambung.
L-R: Syah, Det, Shakhir (Lambung King), Shuk and EnAikAY

I was surprised I could still manage to wake up at 5am, inspite of just having less than 4 hours of sleep. The traffic up from JB to KL last night was pretty bad at some places, and the bus express driver could only drive as fast. And since Puduraya is closed for renovation now, having to touch down at Bukit Jalil temporary bus terminal with that nightmare-ish grid-lock prolonged my journey home even longer.

During my first few clicks of the run this morning, I kept on checking my running legs as sometimes, if I fail to get sufficient sleep, they might feel as heavy as lead. Fortunately today, perhaps by getting the aura from these strong runners around me, my legs felt ok for the long run. So, I kept on moving with my new practice of hydrating myself every 10 minutes.

With every plod we made from Bukit Aman, through Matrade and finally taking a short break at Petronas Hartamas, we never really stopped talking and making jokes and laughing. Acara lambung-melambung pagi tadi memang best. All the way through.

The spirit for doing a long run this morning was maintained on a higher level, without any discount being made to the original running route plan. We returned back to Bukit Aman from Hartamas on the same route as we came in. In fact, we almost did more than we first ought to do. We were “this close” to be doing the Double Hill on our way back. But, maybe in the next session ajelah.

I'm not really sure of the exact distance of our run today. Maybe 23km, maybe 22km. Nevertheless, my 2hr22min timing should be a good kick start for another marathon training season. With 7 more weekends to go, I should make full use of them if I don't want to suffer at the race, again.

He introduced the term "lambung" to us. So, he shall be known as the Lambung King, ok tak bos?.

Look at him, still can smile after 22km-ish run. Amazing!
Soon to be promoted to ketua kampung KLCC park, so I heard.

Det, he's sekampung with the Lambung King. Strong and steady.

Another strong companion on the run. Soon to be equally powerful in the swimming arena.

"Oh dindaaa, di mana kah kau beradaaa, rindu aku ingin jumpaaaaa..."

Shakhir: "Det, macam ni la style aku merempit guna beskal anak aku minggu lepas."
Det: "Ooo, ye ke? Style aku tunduk kepala sikit, baru la aerodynamic bai."

With their own stretching and cooling down practices.

Thanks guys, I had a really good running session with you all this morning. Let's do this more often ya!

It was a great run, because of the group of friends who were around. We had a good time, laughing and chatting along the run. The lambung-melambung session that went on and on, entitled for a new meaning of LSD;

LSD = Lambung Sampai berDarah.

If you want to add some humour juice in your blood during a run, come and join us. Hahaha... peace!

P/s: For the unfamiliar, LSD actualy stands for Long Slow Distance running.

P/s: Kepada yang terlibat secara langsung dalam drama di atas, jangan marah aaaaa...


ziff71 said...

hahaha. GBS kene tukar GKL = Gang Kaki Lambung. Takut aku tgk pace korang kat blog Diket. Seriously seraaaaammm sejuk aku.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aiseyman, rugi encik ziff tak join kitorang tadi. Gelak sakan!
Takpe, next time join us ok. We'll include Double Hill if you like. Hihihi.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I pun lambung sampai berdarah, hahaha...dapat blood blister. Funny guys la you people, but let's show the rest of the world that inspite of the crazy miles and bangun pagi when we can just sambung tido, there is no reason not to gelak guling2!

Keep up the laughters!

Yimster said...

Hahaha hail the lambung king. I read somewhere laughing is actually good, cause it does work your core muscles. So laughing during the whole of your LSD also strengthens your core :D. Double trouble!

Julin Julai said...

hehehhehehhe( merujuk kepada photo caption)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Somehow i sensed that most of us who turned up yesterday was not really going for the long mileage, but more for getting to meet each other.
We are practicing our 'lambung' skills with each other.. ahhaaha.

P/s: Luckily (or unluckily?) Klang is pretty far from Bkt Aman, or else we'd like to invite you to join us, as our LSD Queen... amacam? Hihihi

Laughing can beat those powergels bro!
In the reverse side lah.
Ketawa berdekah2 time lari, pace semua berderai-berai. Luckily we managed to make it home.
Penat gelak sey!

I was laughing when i snapped those photos... tak tipu.
But as a sportsperson, i do respect any style of stretching (no matter how funny they would appear).

amsyah said...

tak padan masa lari, kat dalam blog pun kau lambung-lambung...

semalam Gatorade melambung-lambung la bai... senak gua...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Lambung kat blog is limited to imagination.
Lambung masa lari lagi best, siap boleh buat gaya-gaya sekali.

Yup, i could hear the liquid in your tummy when running besides u. Perut kosong sangat kot before the run, no?
Empty tummy means lots of gas woo, merbahaya kepada pelari2 yg ada kat belakang... :)

Diket said...

Oh Man! You really made me laugh another round guling2 depan pc today XD. And I thought you disable this entry from comments? Now we have jokers and mat rempit altogether. And lambung king sounds la mambo king pulak. Hahaha.

Syah, next time if you're lazy to carry the bottle, pour in the excess gato into shuk's new nike fuel belt.

Btw, thank you so much to all buddies. Glad you guys were around. Kalau 30k masih mampu lambung ke?

KOOKY KASH said...

alaaamak, I missed running with u guys da…

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ok, next week let's do another lambung session that's worth a 30km distance. Amacam?
And to add some more fun for it, we'll include Double Hills.

Sapa setuju, angkat bulu kening!!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

That's because we didn't want to disturb your special 'labor 70km day' celebration kat putrajaya.

There'll be more of this LSD insyaAllah, nanti join us ok.

Diket said...

As of right now, I'll just raise one eyebrow dulu tanda skeptical X)

amsyah said...

^ x... aku pung sebelah jugak dulu, tunggu kau up lagi bagi best... bukit aman - kiara ke?

IJAM said...

Met with amsyah and dett at bomba run today. Nice guys. Itupun nasib jumpa si dett kat tengah2. Lepas tu amsyah tegur kat finishing. Still got the energy after all the training a day before. Training bro, jgn tak training...

shuklazim said...

i see ur kiara-hartamas and up double hills....

det said...

pergh..rupanya lambungan kat blog lagi ganas..bola leret pastu songket last skali gantung terus kat fuel belt.

GKL looking for new members..the more the merrier.

lepas ni kita buat strecthing pocho pocho yea.

mekasih guys..

tolldoll said...

yarabbi bab posing mmg tak boleh kalah kan lah! hahaha

i should start doing my long runs as well! but not with you guys of course, since i run about 7-8min/km

ziff71 said...

Hahahahaha. Reading those comments are really hillarious. Go GKL go!

ian yusof said...

hehhe ..... alamak I missed the run la bro .... worked late night the previous day, sedar2 dah 6.15am...... tak nak tee GKL ker???

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Shakhir, Syah, Shuk,
Looks like many have chosen to do the night run at PoJ.
Should i just do the (Kiara-BktAman + Double Hills) x 2 (pegi balik) alone this weekend?
Jeng jeng jengggggg....
(i'm still undecided though which one to do)

Yes, they all are very good and friendly bunch of people. U lambung them once, they'll lambung u ten folds.. ahhaha.

Lu bila nak bukak pusat lambungan (blog) sendiri?

Hey, feel free to join us lah.
We all run at around your pacing too, no worries.

Dah beli jam loceng tambahan?

Awww.. i forgot to sms u when i posted this entry.. sorry mate! hehehe.

Whatever tee will be good, as long as it comes without any price tag.. ahahaha (just kidding).

Come n join us next time ya. We miss u. and we know u have the capability to become timbalan lambung king.. hehehhe.

Diket said...

Bro, my milage schedule is not yet 30k la. Keeping at 26-27k for this weekend.

dett said...

bro..still undecided yea nak run kat mana this weekend..ape lagi LAMBUNG la dadu..hehe

p/s: wa bukan good writer la bro..tu pasal takde blog..jangan 'comment disable' udah le..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

It's ok bro. We all know you are doing some secret iron-man training at home.

Wa tak suka lambung dadu, wa suka lambung orang.. ahahha.

P/s: Anybody who knows how to write an sms, should know how to write for blogs. Haha. Peace! ;)

June Malik said...

wah nik, u lari jb , lari kl .. i baru balik , and need to buck up :) nak lari with u kat tebrau tu nanti one day! enjoyed the pics hehehe