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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Infected Once Again

I think I’ve fully developed my immune system towards the M-bug. However, I need a lot of energy to struggle with this new virus. Let’s just call it the TMS-virus for now.

So, how do I define TMS-virus?

It’s easy. In the first minute, I have some idea of what to write on the blog. But come to the next minute, I totally lost everything. I can’t even proceed to the second or third paragraph of writing. The small idea for a blog entry cannot be further developed (or dramatized, to be exact).

And having such a melancholic personality trait, writing super short entries like those on FB walls is not my forte (macam la tulis panjang2 ni terer sangat… hampeh jugak). Not brilliant enough to play around with bombastic words added another strong venom to the TMS-virus, making it a full package deal.

That’s my TMS-virus. I’ve had this for quite some times now, which I believe started when I was bombarded with loads of urgent work a couple of months back. I thought the virus has left me last week where I managed to blog every two days or so. But it seems like the great great grandmother of the virus is still residing inside my nose (or brain? I don’t know).

Which explains why even my posting for the grand night LSD at Putrajaya which was full of fun, with many good running friends along, with lots of photos captured, also got delayed for few days before it gets published.

If you yet to get my drift, TMS means “Two Minutes Spirit”. It’s a direct translation from its original Malay version of “Semangat Dua Minit”, as what my training buddies here in JB usually say to those who, well, have high spirit to do something which ended up doing nothing, very quickly.

Life is pretty much similar to a roller coaster ride, only with unpredictable up and down times.

Imagine, we wake up one morning with big smiles on our face, suddenly we get a phone call or a text message that is powerful enough to turn the smiles 180 degrees in a split second. Be it family issues, friendship issues, banking issues. You name it.

Or, we came out from a meeting room with a high hope that our proposals or ideas will be accepted, only to see a new email coming into our mailbox few hours later saying something in the line of “Sorry to inform that due to certain circumstances we have to reject your blablablablabla…”

Or, when nobody appreciates us for staying late in the office for additional few hours everyday of the week, but yet, dare to make noise to higher management when we are late to work for only 7 minutes.

Not my fault what? The alarm was dead maa.

I just wanted to say that I’m having a feeling that my desire and interest in writing is slowly declining.

I think I should just download an anti-virus into my brain. Habis cerita.


IJAM said...

having a bad day huh? too..anak 3 org demam..kena kerja pulak tu...i wish could take leave today to take care of them..
I try to post similar like yours, just dont have the encouragement to do it..

KOOKY KASH said...

writer's block. biasa lah tu. OK, I need to get back to work. Dah terlebih masa memblogging.

ziff71 said...

M syndrom + TMS = me

Haza said...

But hey, look at how many paras you've written!!! Okay la tu. Whenever I get blogger's block, I just start typing whatever crosses my mind, before I know it I've done three paras and I need to stop.

Keep it coming lah! Runners are the best writers. Most blog posts from you guys are best when you are in running mode.

IJAM said...

ala..nik, senang je, post gambar je..lps tu bg comment kat bawah tu...sometimes picture tells a thousand word..kot..?..dah,..kerja..kerja..

ian yusof said...

totally agree with Ijam. I'm so 'that' :)

well brother, you are doing perfectly well here. there are days where we are so not into anything and there are days where we are so alive. My advice is just go with the flow. Semua benda yang terjadi ada hikmahnya.

Yang Benar,
Ustaz Ian

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ok, i'll learn how to become a better blogger.

I hope it is, though i feel this is something else.

U r the bug? aiyoyooo...

U should ask how many hours it took me to complete this lousy essay. Hahaha.
I should stick to humorous entries la.. lagi best.
Tak syok la emo-emo ni.

Ya Akhie Ustaz Ian,
Who has hacked your office's firewall?? (or r u at home?)
Welcome back to blogspot world!!!

K3vski said...

Eh you say this but your last post was just yesterday? Hahhah.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

If u want to know, i wrote this entry first (halfway, offline) before i started writing the previous one.

Hey, i just realized that we don't discuss much among us about our blogging adventures or tips as much as our outdoor adventures, right?

Diket said...

Good one dude. I read blogs of you guys before I leave for work every morning. It gives me the enthusiams for a better day.

ian yusof said...

enaikay - not for long. In the meantime, I'm going to make full use of it whenever I can ..... as omputih cakap "Enjoy it while it lasts".

blogging from the office .... yeeeahhhhh!!!

June Malik said...

Ustaz Ian - ustaz high tech blog and cook and train ppl :) Nik .. dont worry how oso it will come back, or turn your chats (like we did) into blogs hehehe

Julin Julai said...

eh..ok je.
next time you get blogger's block, take any random pic and bubuh caption.
You're hilarious with that.

Yimster said...

Nik, you just need a change of scenery and a breather for the chi of inspiration to flow into the lambung aura of yours :)

Fong said...

dun worry, blog is another way to express urself.. if no mood, just let it be.. if u have the mood, go on expressing urself =) hihi.. kdg i pun bebel kat blog sesuka ati i =)

Zaki111 said...

Nik, I remember my brother always wear stokin belang whenever he studies at night. He said, it lets his minds free and can absorb better. Has always laughted at that, but you can try... lol

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks a lot guys.
If you wanna know, i enjoy reading your comments more than i enjoy writing an entry.

The more you comments here, the more i'll blog (insyaAllah), deal?

Keh keh keh...