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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Filet OH Cheese

Not always I take fast food as lunch during work, but there was one occasion last week where I gave the big M a visit.

“Sekali sekala apa salahnya…”, I told my self as I locked my eyes on the cholesterol level written on the nutrition facts of the Filet-O-Fish box I ordered.

This was what I ordered. Uuuuh.. I just love cheese.
Marketing photos are amazingly delicious and attractive, aren’t they?

I poured all the fries on the tray, sprinkled some black pepper and started to enjoy my little meal with a colleague. Then, I flipped open the Filet-O-Fish to add some chili sauce, to which I was disappointed to see the size of the cheese they put in.

It should be one square piece of a cheese slice, shouldn’t it?
Mine, only half. And I still have to pay for the full price.

Alamaakkk.. saya sudah kena tipu liao…

I was not in the mood to argue at that time so I just gobbled down everything and pretended I never got angry or upset. But in case if you order this meal or any other similar kinds from any fast food outlets, take a peep inside them first. Maybe this is their new way to increase their profit margin while keeping the competitively low prices.


rusfarizal rusli said...

burger king pon layan gak bro..

IJAM said...

dont make me hungry, you wont like it when im angry...grrr....(incredible hulk la..bukan space cop gaban mcm ian cakap tu..)

amsyah said...

kahkahkah.. McD mana ni? Jusco Tmn U ke? mesti kena ban daa

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hanya golongan diraja (e.g. King Mambo) aje yg selayaknya makan burger king. :)

Apa kaitan hungry dgn angry? hehe.
Cool bro.. cool.. nanti kalau tiba2 jadi hulk, terus koyak kasut running tu.. nanges!

Maybe seluruh malaya pun diorang buat gini kot.. u guys better watch out.

Julin Julai said...

kot melekat kat fish patty kot pastu diserap masuk crust of the patty? my theory la ( bersangka baik) hehe
You want a nerdy, health freak answer? alah, half of the cheese equals to half of the calories, what.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Eh, i some how heard that these people going for Sundown are planning to have a big breakfast gathering at McD straight away after their run...
jeng jeng jeng...

Zaki111 said...

I think McD staff tu lapar masa preparing yr order tu.... Oww, what am I suggesting here? Haha be careful...

Fong said...

im stuck to the double filet.. hehe.. kdg d bun tak abis.. filet jer abis =)

IJAM said...

hungry...hujan2 ni...lunch makan pulut dgn kelapa je..

asmura said...

fyi, last 2 weeks i've had the same encounter as your's... terkezot dgn half the cheese... dgn muka tak malu pi tanya the mgr... she said memang for fillet-0-fish the std is just half... terlopong sekejap coz i've been having it since ages tapi tak pernah realise the fact???

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Staff McD lapar?
Gosh.. for what i now, they can eat what they want from the kitchen, at least once a day.

U r in the right direction.
U do need double filets, one more is for the baby. Hehe.

Lunch of pulut + kelapa? Wow...

No wonder. But i'm sure enough previously it was full piece of cheese, and not in half.
Ayuh kita telefon Aduan Rakyat!!!

Thanks for dropping by. :)

ziff71 said...

Buger McD dah makin comel lote even BIgMac now is LoteMac. Minta burger ramly super special satu!

RaYzeef said...

I used to work McD Dayabumi rite after SPM in 89', never work the counter, always cooking at the kitchen..back then the cheese for fillet-o-fish was full NOT half. Now everything gettin smaller and expensive!

[i] said...

aku dah lama tak makan McD as boycott to mcD support for Zionist...

Now biasa layan BK

K3vski said...

Hmm, I think I've seen a similar post by another blogger. Yes, we're being short changed by McDs and all the other fast food chains! Have you seen the size of the chicken drumstick in a KFC meal?

zulhassan said...

Semua burger dah kecik kecuali quarter pound(kalau kurang dari tu maknanya menipulah jadi boleh dilaporkan). Aku selalu makan yang tu je tapi aku sendiri pun tak pernah timbang betul ke beratnya !

Betul kata member2 baik makan BK :P

June Malik said...

baru nak cakap, its supposed to be half .. mine was like senget and i saw the cheese was half, iye2 walk to the counter to complain only to be told that it is memang half, but then can un-senget it for me hahah.. and i think you are right, dulu its full cheese !! naya aje kita hehe

ian yusof said...

small is good :)

p/s - tak sempat nak intai tengah burger, terus lesaappppp .....

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Have you heard of the new wave coming.. The OBLONG burger!!!

Ahaa.. told ya'... dulu memang sekeping penuh cheese in Filet0Fish.

Golongan diraja boleh la layan BK.
Hamba rakyat jelata marhain ni, makan nasi berlauk je laaa..

This just shows how badly we are affected by the non-stop increase of the inflation rate. We pay more, but get less.
Just take a look at this year's race fees, and compare it with last year, or 2 years ago.
Headache (and wallet-ache)!!

Bro Zul,
Rasanya dlm banyak2 fast food chain ni, Colonel burger by KFC yg paling micro kot.

Luckily u asked them to un-senget-ed it for u, silap hariboleh boleh tercekik cheese woo kalau senget.. aahhaha.

Small is good, but big is better!

Diket said...

The big M is always on the "cekik darah" side. True enough, I saw a guy having a Big Mac which I thought was beef burger. Karut and expensive.

Go to Carl's Junior and it's worth every penny.

Che said...

we dont really eat McD anymore. wifey not a fan and i got my new fav call 'patty burger' @ pasar malam Presint 2. quiet a mouthfull for a very cheap one (and patty dia baik punye tebal). and i already ban Otai Burger! <- used to be my fav!

McD toys are relatively cheap and safe. i had 2 boys, and a trip to pasar malam could 'kopak' me for some cheap, breakable, swallow able toys easily found there. So i started to collect all the toys series from MCd. Each cost me rm3, and so far most of them still intact. :P

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Titah dijunjung tuanku!

Ok, next time let's do a night run at Presint 2, on the day the pasar malam is on. Amacam? hehe.

Che said...

nik, pasar malam is tonight! hehe.. still sempat beli sblm lari, pas lari makan kenyang2 then tido.. haha..