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Monday, May 31, 2010

Shout Outs Eighty Four

I don’t really know where to start. The most unprepared and unplanned race in my entire endurance sports history (so far) has been done. I guess I could say that I’ve won the battle against myself, completing the whole 84km on foot, in a beautiful little country known as Singapore.

However, it would never be materialized without supports from family and friends, so I’m dedicating this entry to all of you.

To my lovely wife and daughter, who had to live a weekend on their own without me being around as I normally do. Yeah, I’m a weekend husband/daddy so my weekends are always special. Thanks, love you both so much.

To Shaqi, who gave me the opportunity to run with his 42km marathon bib number. Without it, I won’t even make myself available in Singapore. I really hope you recover fast with your injury bro. I dedicated one loop of a marathon for you bro. Thanks a lot.

To Ian, who has offered me his help for many times in making sure I get the license (i.e. race bib) to run at the Singapore Sundown event. You’ve been very supportive, thanks bro.

To our King Mambo, Shakhir. What a pleasure to know that finally you could make it to Sundown. Thanks for the lift from JB to Changi. Also thanks to Alwin and Dett who gave me some final encouragements while I was busy changing into my running gear inside the car.

Also, big thanks to Rais who has helped not only me, but many other running friends for the race bib collection and distribution.

Thanks also to Azam (Kash’s brother) who helped to hold my race bib at the start line, and for helping me with transportation and accommodation issues after the race.

And to the buddies that I met at the start of the run who I’m sorry I can’t chat much before the race (because I was already late), thanks for your last encouragements. Also to some friends who were willing to wait until the end of the race just to see us cross the finishing line. Among those at the race site that I can vividly remember were Syah, Nadia, Yim, Khairul Anuar, Dett, Alwin, Shakhir, Zaki, Ijam, Tey and urgghh... I can’t recall any others. Sorry if I’ve missed anybody.

And to those who wrote on my FB wall, thanks so much. Sorry I can’t access FB from the office, so responses might be well delayed. And to those that I’ve missed, thanks so much for your encouragements too. Though your names are not mentioned here, but I have you guys near to my heart.

Not forgetting to the race organizers and also to the wonderful volunteers alongside the race course. You guys did a very good job that has set a high standard in running race organizations. There’s plenty of things we can learn from this superbly done event.

Second before last, congratulations to all friends who participated in Singapore Sundown marathon, let it be in 10km, 21km, or 42km categories. You all did an awesome job. Well done!

Last but not least, this special shout outs go to all Ultramarathon finishers especially to our two ultra queens, Haza and Kash. Also to some other running bloggers like Dr. Pui San, Yip and ZulHassan who were also there battling the 84km. There were also some other Malaysian runners like those from Chap Ayam Runners or Pacesetters Malaysia that I am yet to know them, but anyway, ultra congratulations to all of you. You all did very well indeed.

I’ll share my whole experience during the Sundown marathon in another longer rambling episode after I’m done with today’s work (or maybe tomorrow). Yup, I’m back in the office today (forgot to apply leave, duh!).


Julin Julai said...

you did the ultra?
I'm sooo in the dark over what happend last weekend.
Cepatla cerita

ian yusof said...

nik ... nik ..... u r one crazy guy :) You better do your ultra again next year, with me and a bunch of FMers whom I'm sure going to follow your crazy footsteps ... congrats bro.

KOOKY KASH said...

you are the king and hero of the day, nik! congrats

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Errmm.. i guess i did.
I lari slow, so report will also be slow.. ahaha.

Thanks, but NO thanks. :)

No i'm not. YOU ARE!
Thanks so much sis.
If it wasn't with you, i would have lost my battle.
Well done to you too, once again.
Anda memang hebat!

ziff71 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zaki111 said...

I'm in awe (my bottom jaw droped and crashed on the floor I got no more bottom jaw right now) with what you did. It's out of this world lah Nik. Salute to you... so unselfish and sooo pirate! You're crazier than all the ultra marathoners... nobody could have read you with your secret mission here.

crushhio said...

gua respeklah beb!
now into the juicy details of the race pleaseee....

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aiseyman, rugi la kalau takde jaw.. camne nak kunyah post-marathon carboloading? Hehe.
Thanks for your support bro.

Secret mission accomplished, yeay!

What juice do you want? Watermelon, orange, or sky-juice? Hehehe.
Thanks bro.

Diket said...

Totally didn't have the slightest idea you'll be running the 84 dude but you finished it. Crazy but bold. Thumbs up bro.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Luckily we made it to the start line at 5:55pm. I was so nervous in the car, sebab takut tak sempat.
Thanks again bro. And well done on your another half-marathon success!

plee said...

Awesome achievement UltraNik! congratz buddy!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks a lot Paul.
As i can't go on FB from office, i'm not sure whether u were also there at Sundown or not. No matter what, well done to you too (if u ran at Sundown). :)

Haza said...

He ran it until his socks were scraped of their soles!!! This guy is mad, I tell you! He wasn't even registered for 84, missed out on the finisher reward for 84, but that didn't get in the way of him being a loyal friend to Kash all the way!

You're a very humbling inspiration, Nik! You just showed everybody it is not always about the material rewards.

plee said...

Nik! I was not at Sundown but my thought were with the runners all nite!

amsyah said...

ahah! you now have a very good excuse to go shoe shopping, and socks shopping in that sense.

You were out of your mind! I salute you, Raja Lanun Bugis!

But now you have to come to our LSDs with ear plugs hahahah, sessi melambung akan terlambung lambung...

report! report!

ian yusof said...

sure, I bet you will ... wanna bet? :) things will be different if i were to ask you few months later .... hehehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Awww.. please don't make my "eye-water" comes out.
And if it was not due to your inspirational writings on your blog, i'd never have taken this endurance sports at the first place.
Thanks, and well done on your great achievement too.

I left my mind at home.. hehehe.
That's why, same as Haza and perhaps many others, i can't count 42 + 23 during the run.

Yeah, i better go shopping for ear muffs or ear plugs. I can sense 'danger' in the next LSD session.. hehehehe.

I'll do my best not to change my mind. Ahaha. :)

June Malik said...

pirating 42 pun dah boleh kira crazy and you pirated 84, cayalah Nik and well done .. mesti dpt power dari iron man secretly nih heheh, congrats on the ultra feat bro!

ziff71 said...

I arrived just in time to wish off Haza and Kash at the starting line. It was after gun off that I was told by Ijam that you were running as well and i said "What! Is that True! Wow!(triple).

Congrats! It is the greatest heist in the pirating world, pirate with a cause, a nobel one for a fren. Salute u bro!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

June n Ziff,
Syyy.. don't mention too much about pirating lah, nanti I kena ban from running. Hehe.
Thanks guys! :)

IJAM said...

Nik - kelam kabut masa starting line, masa u tengah pasang timing chip tu, i dgn zaki still in the dark 'r u 42km or ultra?', Now we know.
And when u ran for a while then u stopped, i and zaki said, 'woi nik, kau tak touch lagi timing chip, - timing chip, timing chip!! our hands pointed at the starting point...ha, ha...
we'all salute u nik, i didn't know u did ultra, crazy dude...
memang 'jaw dropping' lah..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I cannot touch the timing chip at the start time of ultra marathon or else Shaqi's race record will show Disqualified (DQ). I only 'clocked' my D-tag chip start time after i finished my first 42km loop.

Hey, thanks for the shouts ya!

jiha-run-for-life said...

nik.. u pirating ultramarathon?? baru tau la.. anyway congrats!!!

tolldoll said...

i like the moment when kash walked through the finishing gantry first and then you. whether it was unintentional or not, it ooked like you were letting her enjoy her victory while you silently celebrated yours. but we are proud of you! yay!

yipwt said...

wow...pirating an ultra?...congrats man on finishing...:)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks Jiha,
I don't want to make it sounds wrong, but let's just put it as i did not really plan to run 84km at the first place.
It was a very last minute decision.

To tell u the truth, i like that particular moment too.
It was definitely unintentional.
Kash truly deserves it.
If it happens to be a photo of that finishing moment, please let me know ya. TQ.

Thanks bro. You are among the many other bloggers who directly or indirecly inspires me to give it a try myself.
Well done to you too. I was glad and proud to see you on the run course, even for few seconds.

zulhassan said...

lumba haram.... bagus gak idea ni. cepat-cepat tulis report... congrats tak kiralah lanun pun lanunlah

jiha-run-for-life said...

i wanna be crazie like u guys..hopefully one day will attempt the 84km!!!

Dancing Ciken said...

cepat tulis race report!

congrats nik :D

Fong said...

u r one crazy guy.. but still sgt2 really inspiring =)

plee said...

Hey! I just found out u ran without shoes from Kash's report! I salute you for yr spirit bro! Hero!!

niefeng said...

bro, camna la kau buat, heran aku hahahahh anyway congratssss

shuklazim said...

long live the king!

hail to the new king!

fantastic, bombastic, mr. loba-loba.

what else can i say?