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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Night Weekend Warriors

“Running Bloggers United”, as mentioned by Haza, is such a strong pulling factor for the community we are now in. Initiated and triggered mainly by entries and comments left on some of the blogs we frequent, the night LSD run training at Putrajaya’s Palace of Justice came to reality last Saturday.

Based on my very strong visual memory (assisted by the 87 photos I took), there were twenty night warriors, plus one amazing support crew. Let’s get to know them, shall we? (Ini kes dah kehabisan modal nak lambung la ni)

“Kalau nak gaya lambung baeeek punya, buat macam ni la!”
The King Lambung a.k.a King Mambo, showing the latest version of Lambung V1.1, released one day earlier.

Special appearance by the lady in white, who had just ran 45km in the earlier morning. I guess we all managed to download* a little bit of her inspirations. Haza came to support our night LSD, especially her partner-in-crime, Kash.
(*Err.. download?)

In their Fast n’ Serious mode.
I had difficulties chasing their sub 6min/km pace to take this shot.
L-R: Shakhir, Azmar, Nizam and Dett.

Daud a.k.a CheRaMiChe (right) gave his glowie band to Syed a.k.a Crusshio as he retired the run after 11km.

Saudagar kurma dari Cheras sedang buat promosi PowerDates kepada Pak Wibowo the librarian runner.

Upon completing our first loop of 11km-ish, we had some kurma fiesta.
Khairul Anuar (white/red vest), Yim (with the fuel belt), and Ian (squatting) picking up the last bit of dates.

Just like a superstar, Syah’s grand appearance was just before we continued with our second loop.

Syah lead the group on our second loop. Looks just like larian pasukan rumah putih

Rais n’ Kash’s “kedai runcit” is now mobile!
And they operate on special occasions only.

Ijam with his LSD… eh, I mean, SLR!

Ketua Kampung KLCC park, Shuk (left), running strong alongside FMV Minister, Yim.

I’m not sure if I’ve covered everybody. Perhaps not. I’m going to put all the other photos on my Facebook album (for the first time ever!), where we can continue the sesi lambungan sesuka hati.

Anyway, my first loop of the run was OK. But coming to the first half of the second loop, it was KO. I suddenly lost the gas in my tank, and slowed down and started walking. I decided to stop at 16km, after gulping one bottle of Gatorade sponsored by Kash (thanks!) in less than a minute. As he came by, I told Ian that I doubt I could finish the second loop but he told me otherwise. So, I ended up forcing myself to continue plodding with him for the remaining half of the second loop.

By the time we made a turn behind PICC, I knew I won’t be able to clock 30km as I initially intended to do for that night. Finishing up that first 20km was already a difficult task, in that environment. This time I find it difficult to run strong at night.

We took another rest in front of Palace of Justice (PoJ), and as soon as the sweat on my skin evaporated, few of us braved the quiet boulevard for another few clicks, to finish it off with 25km-ish in total. My running time was 2hr45min, very the slow.

Strong legs in action. Definitely not mine.

We ended our night at a restaurant with another session of LSD (meLantak Sampai Demam)

A group photo of the night warriors. 90% of them are bloggers.
We should invite more bloggers to run, and more runners to blog.

I leave you with a final quiz.
Siapa punya kaki lambung ni haa?


IJAM said...

nik, more pictures la nik...great to run with are right..more bloggers to run, more runners to blog...good idea..
bila nak buat lagi? ketagih dah ni..sorry have to leave early that night..your teh tarik session : melantak sampai demam, bestlah..should join time yeh...
Clueless about the selipar jepun...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

The clue is.. itu bukan selipar jepun, itu selipar dari Cheras tu.

Yes. We should unite more running bloggers, both on-line and on-road.

ziff71 said...

itu selipar di Raja tp warna diahitam/merah dan bukan kuning pasal ni bukan keturunan raja melayu tp Mambo King, raja negeri Lambung-lambungan hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Kasut dedua tu I tau sapa!!

Anyway, great jobs, gentlemen. Hail Running Bloggers United.

tolldoll said...

wow. bestnyer!

amsyah said...

kaki king mambo?

wiken ni trail?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Raja ni rembat selipar anak dia kot? Hehehe.

Thanks for coming to spread your aura to us.
U sangat terer bab mengenal kasut n kaki orang eh? Mana belajar ni? Hehehe.

Yes it was. I should have joined us.

Tengok kaki laaaa.... hehehe

Weekend ni saya terpaksa pulang ke kampung halaman. Nampaknya, need to switch to solo mode lah, insyaAllah.
U guys have fun in Klang Valley, n enjoy the pirated or not pirated NB15km run.

Go grab more Running Bloggers ya!

Diket said...

I always knew when Nik's entry came out late, he's up to something. Kah kah kah! Good timing la bro. It's Thursday already when I managed to read this one. About time to revive my dampened spirit of running from wasted working hours. Thanks dude.

p/s. Now I need to sapu minyak cap kapak again. Motion sickness came back from another massive lambung X)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ampun Tuanku beribu2 ampun,
Comment patik harap di ampun..

Apapun... you'll get used to it very quickly lah (the motion sickness). Alah bisa tegal biasa, tak gitu? Ahahaha..

Weh, motion sickness ke morning sickness? dah berapa bulan?

IJAM said...

NB 15km this weekend tak masuk sempat datang tp tak register, boleh jadi pirate mcm diket..ha, ha...

Zaki111 said...

Uihh... ada badam laa dalam kurma nie.. mana dapat? Haha
Nik, great to be part of RBU. You all are great bunch of people..

ziff71 said...

Diket nak pirate NB15k ker? Saper lagik pirate?

Che said...

thanks for the pic and story, interesting as ever :P

so now its RBU .. neat! so bile lagi nak lari ramai2 :P then sambung mLSD @ mamak's somewhere? :P

Shah, bile nak trail? Ahad pg ka?

Fong said...

bestnyer larian korg =) smngat =)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Nope. Kuota lanun utk NB15km dah habis, kerabat di raja dah sapu bersih semua.

Kurma tu di sponsor oleh tok penghulu KLCC.
Glad that u can join us. Let's go grab more running bloggers shall we?

Pirate of Cheras, Pirate of Bkt Jalil, Pirate of Shah Alam... errmm.. maybe sorang lagi Pirate of TTDI kot.

The run was interesting, but i doubt if my blog entry is.

U pun apa kurangnya.. semangat jugak kan? hehehe.

ian yusof said...

again, I'm the last commentor. hate when this thing happened. Seriously, suma yang nak cakap suma sudah dibicarakan.

nik, u forgot to sms me again ..... geez.

p/s - and it was only a day late ... don't the commentors work?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aiseyman.. lupa lagi...

Nope they don't work, they run!