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Friday, April 30, 2010

What A Day

Yesterday was a very good day for me. When I went to bed at almost 2am this morning, I was still smiling from ear to ear. Nasib baik tak ngigau terbang-terbang.

Life during working time yesterday was as what they always say, same ‘ol same **** (sendiri tambah lah). When it’s time for me to shut down my laptop, the weather was inviting for me to do another easy run at the park. This week the weather has seen some positive changes. More shines, and that’s a good sign.

While I was taking dinner with the nasi goreng daging campur ayam goreng campur telur separuh masak, a friend texted me and asked me to meet up for a quick chat later on. And when that session was over, the time was already showing about 10pm and as I passed by Skudai Parade, my eyes opened wide as I saw ‘it’, posted on the big wall.

“This must be the day!”, my inner self was talking.

Oh ya, from my previous observations worldwide, I get this concluded that every new showing will be on Thursday. So, yesterday was Thursday and I tried my luck.

I made a turnaround and instead of going home, I went to Skudai Parade, went up 6th floor and at the counter, I politely asked the lady behind the counter, “Excuse me, is there anymore showing for tonight for ‘that’ one?”, while pointing my finger towards one of the posters on the wall.

“Yes we do, at 11.30pm. Still plenty available sir.”

Without any further due, I took a red note from my wallet and get it exchanged with a small piece of white paper with some tiny prints on it that made me smile. It was among the best purchase of the day, for me.

And that little piece of white paper was a movie ticket for the most awaited movie (for me) for 2010, what else if is not

I R O N M A N 2

If the first Ironman movie was cool, this time it is hundred times cooler.

And if the first Ironman movie was awesome, this time it is (oh Gosh, I’ve lost count) much much much much much much much more... ok, lets’ just take a number then. This time, it is thousands time more AWESOME!!!!!

I kid you not!

Now you know why I went to bed smiling.

And I am still smiling as I post this entry, because I have another few plans to go and watch it again for second or third or maybe fourth times, while it is still showing on the big screen. I can't wait, hehe. Gelojoh dan haloba betul.

P/s: No movie preview or anything from me here (coz I'm not good at it). Go and watch it yourselves, ok.

Macho je style terbang macam ni, kan?


amsyah said...

tak aci lah, mana ada routine terbang dlm Ironman... swim, bike, run je...

bet it was awesome...

IJAM said...

mcm best je cerita tu...dapat pulak tiket tu..kat sini jgn harap le..penuh memanjang

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yes we do. That's why they have the sayings like,
"Wah.. u so fast leh.. like flying on the bike", or..
"i saw u were flying on the run mate, good timing, good job!"

It was beyond awesome (the movie).

Bukan macam best.. memang best!

Yimster said...

Well done besi meng. Have to call you ah meng from now on.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Just call me Tony, that will do.

June Malik said...

kita combine call tony meng? hhaha my kids pesan i come back ASAP to bring them to see this, i pun tak sabar, ada gak ingat nak go see here and then balik pretend like i have not seen it hehh

KOOKY KASH said...

we are watching sunday evening@oneutama. guys, masih banyak kosong lagi! Make sure I complete the 70km on Saturday!!

nik, suspen ah.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Tak kisah la tony apa pun.. janji boleh terbang.. hehe.
I think some runners are good at pretending.. so, tunggu apa lagi? :)

Happy 70km labor day. Sorry i can't be part of your running partner this weekend. Time malam2 ni tak convenient sikit for training lah. Hope u'll manage it well.

Which part is suspen? 70km run ke.. Ironman 2? :)

Anonymous said...

Awatnya everybody so sibuk Ironman 2 ni??? I oso wanna watch, but I can't watch till I come to taper.

deejay said...

Bro.. the movie IS AWESOME!! cant wait for AVENGERS...
plus Agent Romanov is SOOOO HOTT!!!

zulhassan said...

too me, tak best :(

Diket said...

Way to go Nik! I believe you were also flying during our run today, right? Patut la breakaway last 3km. Rupanya mimpi Ironman dah mai. Lari sambil senyum pulak tu. Hehe. Glad you were leading the pack bro. If not, I would've took the masjid route instead. And thanks to Group Kali Lambung yg name? XD

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I never read any comic about any superheroes, but when i first saw Ironman movie, i think i like the character of this encik tony stark lah. ada kelaasss...
Plus, the special effect masa dia pakai suit Ironman tu.. simply amazing.

So, r u gonna start collecting anak-anak patung Ironman pulak after this?

Ini mesti kes samada hang stress atau PMS tu.. itu pasal hang rasa citer ni tak best kot. Hehehe.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

For my next blog entry, i'll disable comments ya.. specially for you.. muahahahhaa.
Wa tak tahan kena lambung ooooiii... ahahhaha.