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Monday, April 26, 2010

I Don’t Think So Dude

On one fine evening while I was resting by the pool wall after repeating laps after laps of swim, a guy I haven’t seen before came near me. He’s in his 20’s, spending more time in the water doing nothing much other than, erm, not swimming. With no offence to anyone reading this, this guy is a bit big sized laterally, having a slight beer belly on his waist.

Him: “Bro, are you an athlete?”

Me: “Ehm, no. Not really.”

Him: “But you have the stamina to keep on swimming for long time. Are you not tired?”

Me: “Of course I’m tired, but this is part of the game lah, bro.”

We continued a little bit more of chat while I wait for my heart rate to stabilize. He then asked me how to get a lean body, and how to remove the excess of fat, especially on the tummy.

Me: “Go and run lah”.

I told him that with good cardiac exercise that one can get from doing stuffs like running, eventually the metabolism rate will slowly increase until one point where the excess fat will be easily burned for the fuel bla, bla, bla.. I was giving him some tips from the top of my head.

He was not so convinced, and asked me whether he can get the same result from swimming. He really wanted to know if there’s any short cut to reduce his belly size.

Me: “Yeah sure, you can also swim. But you need to spend plenty of time doing it to start trigger the ‘endurance’ which will then start burning the fat.”

Him: “Oh, I see. I have also started doing some weight lifting in the gym. Will that work?”

Me: “Yup, it will. But it takes longer time because that is an anaerobic exercise. It’s different from aerobic exercises. The discipline in body building sports is different from running or cycling or even swimming.”

I’m not sure how much he understood me or what I was trying to convey to him. Neither that he agreed, nor nodded his head to my statements.

Me: “Basically speaking, there’s no short cut into getting a flat abs.”

Him: “But my friends said ah, I need to lose the fats in my legs and thighs first, then the fat on my tummy will automatically goes down there to replace the ‘empty’ space. Gravity kan ada".

Upon hearing this, my eyes almost popped out in disbelief. I knew it would be rude to laugh at this point.

Me: “Really ah? I don’t think so lah dude.”

I didn’t want to say anything much, so I just continued on with my swims.

For me, this is scary.


IJAM said...

I'm also trying to get the 6 packs. Going for swimming tomorrow, if i dont drown..ha, ha..

amsyah said...

heheh, Ian kenot cari makan la cam ni :D

KOOKY KASH said...

baik suruh dia pegi join slimming centre. ramai orang yg pernah pergi, swear by it. I can link him to someone who swears by it.

ziff71 said... easy the fat can move to other parts of our body just like that. Dia ingat fat tu cam air kot.

SuN said...

perghh..siap bg teory newton tuh! haha..seb baik u x gelak bro! kalo x,sure makan dalam tuh..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I've tried getting this 'big one' into smaller six cute little packs for years.. and am still trying until now (though not as hard as i could have).

I need your before and after photo of you lah? Wanna give some 'real' inspiration to that bloke.

What scared me further was, he took those kind of 'hormones' (i think. i hope it's not drugs) to build up muscles at faster rate.
Gosh, i hope he knows what he's putting into his veins at this very young age.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

No no no.. i bagi theory Adidas n theory Avia aje. Newton i belum penah pakai.. :)

Setakat makan dalam takpe, takut wa yg kena 'ngap' dgn dia...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I don't know what else to tell him...

K3vski said...

Hahhah I like his gravity explanation. It's like when I was young, my cousin asked me to eat lots. Grow fat never mind. Said those extra pounds will help me grow taller.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Your cousin must have thought that you have a very special genetic, where you fat can grow upwards and makes u taller... ahahahhaha.

Yimster said...

lol such a funny conversation. i'd always wished it worked that way too. so i can keep on running and running, and my washboard abs will suddenly appear from thin air lol

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Who doesn't have such a wish?

Diket said...

Nik, next time around when the guy chat with you, give him the avatar syndrome. Definitely he will not bother you anymore XD

Julin Julai said...

Thing is, most people in our society tend to believe more in old wives tales and bogus theories rather than hard cold facts. They're suckers for short cuts. You give them plain tap water and say it'll help you lose 5kg, they'll buy it without blinking.
Makan apa untuk kurus aa? they'll ask. Ironic betul.
With these people, we can only try.

June Malik said...

he is hilarious hehe .. but there is no short cut and we know it, they? have to learn the hard way lah !

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yeah, i should give your phone number to him. Hehehe.

Are you saying young wives tales are better than old wives'? Keh keh keh.
(no pun intented)

They should know that the opposite word of short cut is perservere.