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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out Of The Blue

For those who have been recently following my blog, you should still remember that I went to Langkawi last February to witness and support the triathletes. If you've missed it, I wrote about it here. Well, it’s been two months now since I came back from that wonderful experience and out of the blue, today I received an email from an Ironman from Singapore which I’d like to share it with you all.

From: Lucius ***** (lucius.*****
Date: Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 9:58 AM
Subject: Hi...


My name is Lucius from Singapore and I took part in IM Langkawi. I was Googling thru a friend's blog and you came up. I remember you very clearly as the supporter at the end of the run u-turn cheering everyone even tho it was very late in the race. I wanted to thank you dearly for your support and your endless cheering which was wonderful during the trying times where everything was low but seeing you really made me push on thru my first IM. Thank you again for the experience and you really made a difference for me. Cheers bro!!!

And here’s my reply to Lucius:

Hello there Lucius!

Wow, what a surprise to be getting an email from an Ironman! Thanks a lot.

I'm so honored, and I am so surprised that you can remember me where I was only a "nobody-cares" supporter standing there in the darkness at the end of the road. I was having fun though, cheering for all the triathletes during their final hours on the toughest race on earth, regardless whether I know them or not.

I am passionate about triathlon and I am aiming to do the IM, one day hopefully (if i can commit to the training in my ‘getting-busier’ worklife schedule). The chances for me to doing it in 2011 is however getting pretty low now due to the upcoming work commitment, but we never know, right.

Thanks so much for dropping by on my blog. Hope you enjoy it, even for a very little amount. If you also happen to have a blog, hope you don't mind sharing it with me. You can also add me on Facebook (though i'm not an active Facebook-er). Search me under the name Nik Fahusnaza and I’ll be your new friend.

All the best in your future triathlon adventures!


With this, if it happens that I cannot take part in Ironman Langkawi next year, I’ll try my best to be there once again, as a supporter at the end of the road, under the hot sun or inside the darkness.

Because, it’s fun!


Yimster said...

chewahh ... now thats a sign Nik! First it was the cheering, and then comes the BIG thing! Dont worry, the rest of us will be the cheering team at the u-turns, endlessly :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I'm putting that "BIG" thing at bay for now. SCKLIM 2010 marathon punya training pun belum start lagi ni.

Thinking of joining the VFM club, as a cameraman or pacer. Boleh tak?

ziff71 said...

Go for the BIG one bro! U know u will have our support :)

June Malik said...

Nik : most welcome to be anything for FMVs - thank you for the offer. A pacer I will need badly haha .. and if not IM 2011 , there's always the next and next .. bottom line u will do it and we will support u all the way :) Go bro!

June Malik said...

alamak sorry lupa .. the cheering part, you may think its nothing but it does help during the difficult moments , esp for slow runners (ehem like me haha) so way to go .. so u got another duty for the fmvs lol

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

InsyaAllah. Thanks for the support.

Woops.. i thought it's VFM. rupa2nya FMV.
As for SCKLIM 2010, if i can train hard (which i doubt i could), i'll try to go for another PB.
If training tunggang langgang macam tongkang pecah terbelah lapan (like now), i'll just target to cross the finish line with FMV-ers.
That's my plan.

June Malik said...

tonggang langgang tongkang pecah terbelah 8 is where i am at now lol, which means you will do fine :) you know i mean well when i say i hope you wont finish with us, though we welcome you !! haha fmv, vfm .. in the end sama jer !

K3vski said...

What's VFM or FVM? Hehheh, Nik, I knew it that you'll be at the starting line of Kuah Jetty someday. All the best for KL Marathon. Happy training.

Diket said...

Another YEAY! for Nik. You really made your attendance in IM2010 worth for them. Please inform me if you're ready to sign up for IM. I want to book my place at that u-turn & cheer you up.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

FMV = Full Marathon Virgins
Yup, i was there at the starting line (as a supporter). I hope that counts.

I was not the only supporter there lah. Many others sacrificed their time and money (and skin color tone) to cheer for their friends and families.
No need to book that place. Just bring plenty of sunblock and strong pair of knees.

ian yusof said...

being a supporter is a step closer to being an Ironman. Go for it bro. You have the determination, courage, enthusiasm and endurance to pull you through. We'll be there to support you. :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

... but i lack persistency and consistency.

My shoulders feel 'heavy' now...

Thanks for your support and encouragements.