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Monday, January 5, 2009

Tu oh-oh nain

Today we are already in the fifth day of the new year. How time flies by very fast, that I missed out the chance to wish everybody Happy New Year on the first day.

Anyway, what did I do on the last new year's eve? Well, I went cycling as it was our normal Wednesday cycling night. Rugi la kalau miss. And then we went for makan-makan and borak-borak session until 1am.

As far as I could remember, being an introvert person as I am, I do not gila-gila celebrate new years, or even my own birthdays. I normally kept things low profile when it comes to celebration.

But, I remember doing a bit gila thing during one of the new year's eve.

It happened back in the year 1999, on the few last hours before the clock strike 12 o'clock midnight, entering the new millenium of year 2000. At that time, I was in my cold room of the rented small house which I shared with my other two uni-mates, in Manchester, U.K.

During that time, it was already considered as a luxury to have a PC with 180MHz Pentium II processor speed. Mine was only a mere 150MHz Pentium I. Many of the assignments and even lab reports have to be 'PC-written', i.e. to make write ups with Word, and to make spreadsheet and graphs with Excel.

Errm, I also used my PC to pratice my blind-typing skills - through chatting via MiRC. Haha.

Those who were a bit IT savvy at that time should still remember the famous Millenium Bug, which was expected to cause a dramatic crash on computers when the PC clock cannot recognize the year change from 99 to 00 (during that time, the PC clock only showed 2 last digits of the year, instead of 4 digits being used nowadays). Konon-kononnya when the clock turned from 99 to 00, it will register as year 1900, instead of 2000.

Maka, aku pun dengan bangangnya (I repeat: BANGANG) telah menanti saat ketibaan detik 12 malam memasuki tahun baru 1 January 2000 di depan PC tanpa berkelip kelopak bijik mata sambil-sambil berharap PC aku tak crash dengan tak semena-mena.

Luckily, my PC did not crash and nothing went wrong with my PC until the end of my degree.

But, remembering the story make me smile by myself, looking back into the past where we as human being, once in a while surely may end up being or doing, well.. something stupid.

Happy New Year 2009 to ya'all.


deejay said...

masa tu aku tgh main PS1, nasib baik x crash...erkkk PS1 bole crash ke? haha

bola2api said...

itu semua conspiracy aaa.. karut. easy way to get money by conning people to have their PC's 2000-compliant

happy 1430 hijrah, nik..

Shah said...

Happy New Year, fren!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aku boleh tolong 'crash-kan' kau punya PS1 tu.. anytime pun boleh. Tak yah tunggu new year..

Conspiracy eh? Terer ah kau ni, macam berpengalaman je membuat conspiracy theory..

Emkoi, shie-shie, arigatou...