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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sneezy nosey heavy leggie

Ironically, as I posted about cold and flu below, this week I got struck with sneezy-schmeezy. Lots of sneezings going on this few days back. Maybe not getting enough sleep was one of the factors. I already took two tablets of 500mg vitamin C for faster recovery yesterday alone. Today, I'm running out of stock.

Or, is it one of the signs of overtraining? Gosh, I don't even feel like I've clocked enough training. How could I be overtrained at the first place then?

On the other hand, legs were feeling heavy too during last night's cycling. The 30km distance was done with a linear decrease of speed from the first loop to the fifth loops. At the beginning, maintaining 38km/hr on the flat portion of the road was pretty steady. By the fourth's and fifth's loops, doing 30km/hr was all I could manage. On the climbs, panjat bukit sampai keluar air hidung pun speedometer was only showing 20~24km/hr.

I really feel I need to do long rides again to build the leg strength. Anything more than 80km would be good for now. The more the better, but the pain will be greater too. We'll see how it goes this weekend.

P/s: I read in newspapers last week that we are under attack by the dengue fever nationwide. No wonder la I oftenly being disturbed by the wheezing sounds of mosquitoes when I wanted to sleep. Dulu takde nyamuk. Eish, tak boleh jadi ni. Mopiko lai laaaa.....

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