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Monday, January 19, 2009

Been away

I've been away for the last one week. Bukan pergi bertapa kat Gua Niah laa, but I had to attend a seminar in KL. Hence, no blog update for the whole week.

Yang lagi sedih apart from no blog update ialah, ZERO training. ZERO!!!

But, the good thing is, I spent lots of quality time with my family. Awesome.

So, this week will be a pulun-cukup-cukup-sebab-minggu-lepas-langsung-tak-training week. Harap-harap takde orang mengada-ngada set-up meeting pukul 4.30ptg, ke, 5ptg ke. Memang cari nahas la.

Another draw back for going to a long days seminar is that, after a week of not checking my email (work email that is), today I have to read approximately 230 emails. Mampus!

Fun, fun, fun!

Yeah, right.

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