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Friday, January 9, 2009

Loose Vs. Gain

If we were asked to define the term 'success', can it just revolve around loosing or gaining?

For example, is it fair to say something like "I'm not being so successful today because I just lost a business opportunity". Or, is it fair to say "I'm a successful person because today I get the offer to work as a bla bla bla..."

We all wish to be successful. Who doesn't, right? Everybody wants to gain things, to win things, to be on top of everything. It's just a normal thing as a human being.

But hey, is it not a natural thing that a gain would sometimes come after loosing something?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

For example, a student may be said as being a successful student opon scoring or gaining good grades during the SPM, but God knows how much he/she had to loose in terms of fun times with friends, burning late night oil to memorize the notes, etcetra etcetra.

Another actual example would be on my self, in my sports life, per say. Previously, I envied all these super-powerful triathletes who could swim, bike and run much faster and much longer compared to what I could do. I felt like I'm not going to see a success in it.

But, after 'loosing' lots of energy and time to continue training harder and harder, at the end, I hope I can see the success coming nearer to me. We just can't stop trying and doing what we need to do, or the thing that we need to 'loose', before we 'gain'.

This posting is to mark a point in my career life where today, I feel like I'm making a decision that might be seen as 'loosing'. This is all done with the highest hope that one day, sooner or later, I'll be more successful than yesterday.

Only God knows what will happen tomorrow.


Iman said...

The definition of success is subjective.

You are correct, to succeed one must sacrifice.Sacrifices can be in many ways, like in your situation, being apart from your family, studying really hard for your SPM.

I know you are a very ambitious person, since you were in school, in college and until now.

To me, you are indeed a succesful person, you have a family who loves you very much, a stable job...

In my opinion, you are heading towards your dream, its only a matter of time until you would be able to graps it.

But, let me remind you, for Allah to accelerate the process of you reaching your destination, you must always remember Him,(which I believe you are pretty much religious), but most importantly do not look down at other ppl...

Because to me the definition of loosing or a failure is well I think one of them is a person who thinks that he or she is better than the rest but ended up being the looser among all..............

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks Iman. Nice thoughts.