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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Run Map Re-visited

I remember posting my run map around the Garden during my initial stage where I would normally tried to run 30min to 45min. One loop of those was about 2.4km if I'm not mistaken.

Just before I took off for a week being out of office (i.e. out of JB) last week, I tried a new route. Slightly longer in distance. My new run map now is as below, with a distance per loop of approximately 3.1km.

So yesterday, after a week of hybernation from training, I tried running three loops of above. I completed my run yesterday in 1hr on-the-dot, without knowing exactly how much distance I have covered. My target was only to run 1 hour, that's it.

In an anticipation to know exactly how far had I run, I went to mapmyrun dotcot to measure my new run route, as you can see above.

Hence, 3 loops x 3.1km/loop = 9.3km in total, covered in 1 hour.

Ish ish ish. Slow nye aku lari. Sangat mengaibkan.

OK, let's do some maths shall we?

To do a half marathon on this route, I would need to run 7 loops.

And to do a full marathon on this route, I need to run almost 14 loops!



bola2api said...

haha good luck running in loops. aku dah serik hahaha

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aini, eleh.. serik konon. Bukanke kau punya favorite quote is "sakit tapi sedap". Why not u add.. "Sakit & serik tapi lebih sedap, yumm yuumm.."