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Friday, January 23, 2009


Last Monday I ran 3 loops of the 3.1km/loop at the garden. Feeling satisfied.

On Tuesday, I only ran 2 loops because I wanted to rush for the swimming pool afterwards. OK la, running 2 loops was kind of sap-sap-sui (after being able to run 3 loops).

Wednesday no run - saving the energy for the weekly night ride. Cycling was fun, pushing my legs harder and harder to maintain above 35km/h on the flat, and above 25km/h on the climbs. Manyak syiokkk woooo!!

Yesterday, I planned to run 3 loops again (no swimming planned afterwards). The thing is, when I almost completed the second loop, 'psycho' datang menyerang in the form of my brain telling my body to stop running at second loop and not doing the third.

Memang psycho habis. With each steps I made, I was not sure whether to stop of to do another loop. Legs were not that tired yet, and my heart rate was not showing any peaking yet, still stable. But somehow it was the brain who was poisoning me to stop running.

Fortunate enough, I kept on going and going and going dengan muka yang dah herot (Utara's slang for 'senget'). After passing the first long climb of the third loop (nak panjat bukit tu yang psycho sebenarnya), I decided just to move on to finish the third loop.

At the end of the story I completed another 9.3km run, with 2 minutes shoved off from my Monday's time as a bonus.

Then I told my self, "kalau nak jadi kuat, kena rasa sakit dulu kot".

Memang menyakitkan mental! Hehehe...

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