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Thursday, June 18, 2009

T-Minus 10 days

Well folks, it’s another 10 days before the marathon. So, what can you do in these final days? This is what I plan to do.

I will just sit back, relax and try to update this blog as to distract my nervousness most importantly, inject as much positive thinking as I could possibly do.

As a newbie in this endurance running sport, I may be called an insane to do my first ever running race in a 42km category. No, I’ve never done any running race before other than those 10km run I needed to do as part of triathlon events. That’s why apart from sufficient training and proper eating and resting for the body, the brain also needs its own ‘food’, in the form of positive thoughts.

I shall be thinking that the marathon is for me to enjoy or celebrate what I’ve been doing prior to it. I shall also be thinking of it as an opportunity for me to get around Kuala Lumpur on my foot. As well as using that chance to meet and make more friends among the athletes. It will definitely be an amazing experience.

”If other people can do it, so can I…”

“Our body and mind can be trained to adapt to the challenge…”

“To be, or not to be… it’s up to you”

I mean, it's up to me.

Those are among few quotes or thoughts that have initiated my intention to run a marathon. I have no other reasons on why I choose to do a marathon other than,


Things to do (i.e. things learnt from mistakes):

1) I shall not forget to cut my toe nails. I had one occasion where my toe nails were a bit long, and it causes a discomfort and slight pain while running.

2) I tried using my tri-top (sleeveless) for running 25km last weekend and I get a little bit of chaffing under the arms. If I am to use tri-top for marathon, I shall get some lubricants (I think they call it anti-chaffing cream, right?), or I shall settle with my dry-fit running top (with short sleeves).

3) Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) or endurance drink in addition to Powergels are among other things I shall not forget to bring along during the run.

4) I should slowly start adjusting my sleeping time, i.e. to sleep earlier so that my body gets more rest and be able to wake up earlier. Well, marathon starts at 5am this time, and by 3am I should already be awake (ooh.. so difficult!!!).

5) I should start eating more, mainly carbohydrate and protein, as well as drinking more plain water. Nowadays I get hungry every 3 hours. Not sure whether that’s normal or not, but I know my body needs more fuel, healthy fuel.

6) I should remember to do more stretching and warming up before the run.

7) Sunblock? Hmm, maybe yes, maybe no.

8) What else huh?

By the way, this is not a professional or official advice for marathoners. You may choose to follow any or all of them, at your own risk. Don’t come and blame me later on if you are not able to clock sub 3hrs or 4hrs, ok. This comes straight from my little brain, based on what I experienced and some of those I remembered throughout my readings (from blogs and books), and I just feel like sharing it (and for me to re-visit this post one or two days before race day, for self reminder).

Oh yeah, on a separate note, I did a mistake during cycling last night. I was enjoying the ride using aerobars and I pushed my limit too hard, too early. My fresh legs immediately lost their power after cruising at 45 ~ 46 km/hr for about 3km on the flat portion on the second loop (normally we’d do 5 loops to total the distance to 30km). I then had to cycle very slowly for the remaining 3 loops, can’t push it any more. It was fun though, I would say that’s the fastest cruising speed I’ve ever done. And I now know for sure that my riding mileage is super low that I started to freak out as PD triathlon is only few weeks to go. One of the ways to power up your cycling is to do long rides (more than 100km), which I had none since two months ago. Oh no!


The Corporate Athlete said...

ouch... i stopped using sleeveless after my last year's 30km run ... got really bad blister. Bro, u have to use BodyGlide - the best ever anti-blister & chafing stick. I bought mine in Singapore for only SGD10. They were selling at XTerra for RM35. It doesn't contain petroleum and not greasy AT ALL. The best ever creation!!

KOOKY KASH said...

regret didnt buy that. mintak sikit? :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kash, u mintak la banyak2, then i can mintak from u sikit..

The Corporate Athlete said...

kooky & Nik .... too bad it's in stick form, not gel etc :) But ya, can let try mine as long as there's no 'unwanted' hair from God-knows-where on my stick lah ..... hehehhe

Anonymous said...

You're right bt the potong kuku part! Hehe! Some ppl actually overlook that.

C u on sunday! Say hi when you pass me.

Anonymous said...

P/S abt getting enuf sleep on marathon eve, dunno abt you, but I didn't sleep a wink. :P Excited wo! My best guess is getting enuf sleep within 72 hrs before race, cukup kot.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yup, itu kuku ibu jari sangat merbahaya kalau dibiarkan panjang.

My two main concerns now are:
- cannot sleep well on pre-race night, &
- upset tummy come race morning..

Other than that, i'm sure i can smile and say hi to you, but i'm not sure about passing u (coz i'm a slow runner as well).

Don't forget to say hi to me too ya!

fairul said...

during my first marathon, i only can sleep for 1 & a half hr the nite before the race...
even 1 week before the race, i don't even have the appetite to eat...
if eat much, sure puke one...
that's how nervous i was during my 1st marathon.. it's normal bro...

the feeling will be better during the race.. just go your own pace.. don't follow other fast runner, you will need the energy to go for 42km... since this is your 1st time, u dont know how to plan your pace... what i can say is just go easy.

good luck bro nik.. as kak haza said, say hi to me if you pass me, i'm running my 2nd marathon this time... better feelings this time than the 1st marathon...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks Fairul..
And all the best of luck doing your 2nd marathon!