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Monday, June 22, 2009


My weekend was great, had lots of activities (read: more than one activity) and I’m still tired (actually I’m sleepy) to blog much about it today. I arrived JB by bus from KL at 3am-ish this morning, and tried to get better sleep (read: with my back laying flat on the bed, not crooked like on the bus seat) at the house before having to wake up for the normal weekly routine – WORK!

In short, this was how I spent my weekend:

Saturday morning
Had a short run with Kash at Kiara Park. Hills, hills and hills! I attacked them all (“attack” in my vocabulary simply means, run up the hills slowly and try not to walk). Total of only about 10 ~ 11km, done within 1.5hr (I told you it was a short run), that would be my last training for marathon.

Err, maybe I’ll just do some fast walking tomorrow for half an hour. But will definitely do ZERO sports related physical activities from Thursday onwards. No swim, no bike, no run.

Saturday noon
After the run, I quickly get changed and together with my brother and sister in law, we all went to KL Bird Park. This was my first time going to the bird park, and it was awesomely fun bringing the family there, especially my beloved wife and daughter. They had a blast there and I shot lots of photos. Hopefully I got some spare time to blog about it.

Saturday night
Met some old school friends at Island Red Café, at Sunway Damansara. Food was great. The bonus of the night – food was free! Yummy…

Spent most of the morning time sleeping (read: resting) at mom-in-law’s place, and wifey cooked my favorite dish as to celebrate Father’s day – a superlicious roasted chicken.

[Photo had to kidnap from internet, because I forgot to snap it before eating]

What a healthy and delicious menu for lunch. "Thank you daun keladi my dear, lain kali buat lagi ye".

And I continued a little bit more of resting activity after the lunch.

”Gendang gendut tali kecapi…
Kenyang perut.. tido laaaa apa lagi…”

Ok, need to get back to work. And I’m still sleepy.




The Corporate Athlete said...

truly a corporate athlete!!! Probably can interview you one day...:)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Interview? alamak... ni yang nervous break down nih... hehehehe

bola2api said...

haha hampeh.. ingatkan amende tadi OMGIMA..

kau tak ajak adzimi g lari sekali ker?? buat 10k ker..hehe

oh patut la nak beli DSLR!!! dah gi bord park rupanya...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ye la, kalau depa boleh buat TGIF.. aku boleh buat OMGIMA, khas utk org2 yg mengidap Monday blues.

Adzimi? nope, dia takut termuntah after 100m run. but si Azmil 504 masuk half mara.

ye, aku terasa nak beli camera canggih supaya aku boleh tayang kat burung2 kat bird park tu.

bola2api said...


tayang burung?? hhahahahahahahahahha