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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last weekend, as we (me, my wife and my daughter) were walking towards the car at the parking area of my house, my daughter asked me to carry her. She’s 2.5 years old now and likes me to carry her whenever I’m at home or when we are going somewhere. Not that she hates to walk, but maybe she just want some tender love care from her daddy who are at home only during weekends, or sometimes alternate weekends.

Daughter: ”Daddy, carry me daddy, carry me!!!”
Me: Ok, come here. Let me carry you to the car.

Walking towards the car, I asked her,

Me: ”Why do you always want me to carry you? You are now a big girl, and you can walk by yourself, can’t you?”
Daughter: ”Alaa daddy, I want you to carry me. I’m still a small girl, not yet a big girl. Carry me laa daddy…”
Me: ”It’s always me who has to carry you. When do you want to carry me?”

I purposely asked her like that. Just wanted to let her mind do some creative thinking. There was a moment of silence before she said,

Daughter: ”When you become small, I’ll carry you, ok daddy!”

Note: No, my daughter cannot speak in English as fluent as above modified dialogue yet. Or else I’ll put her to sit for SPM and she’ll be the first 2.5 years old student to pass it. Hehehe.


captain_zed said...

ahhhh, so cute~..n so cunning..awas daddy, she might get a bf at the age of 4..haha

Uncle Zed: "daddy2, how come u never carry uncle zed on a 45 km run? he only weigh peanuts!" hoho

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ahahaa.. to carry u on a 45km run? Tunggu laa bila YOU dah buat Ironman triathlon 5 kali berturut2, then i can consider that. hehehehe.

deejay said...

sigh... if she can carry you that means we're already..

jiha-run-for-life said...

ahhaa so cute..just like me when i was small..always ask my dad to carry me anywhere.. coz i know my mom wasn't strong enough to carry me lor..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

U also like to "dera" ur dad is it?
aisey.. kesian ur dad...