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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nok Tanyo Gapo?

Yes, I'm a Kelantanese who works in JB and have a family living in PJ. So, I can speak in JB and PJ dialects (they are different, trust me), as well as being very fluent in Kelantan dialects (orang kata ada bau budu). Having seen this picture above which I get from a friend via email, made me smile. And you’ve guessed it right. It is a superimposed picture of a signboard at Kota Bharu’s airport.

Well, I’ve been quite slow lately on updating this boring blog. Mainly due to excessive work load during the official working time. Yet, a minimal blog surfing could still be done during the remaining of lunch break times though plenty of mengular activities have been cut pretty dramatically. Have to lah.

So, I pretty much still getting up to date information on the inaugural (as they called it) Xterra off road triathlon which just took place in Kuantan, last weekend. And as always, I enjoyed reading the many blogs that covered the event, with their own lingo and stylo. Whether they raced individually, or in relay, or just being there as part of the crew or crowd, their stories always trigger my inner motivation and inspired me to do as they did. That’s one good thing about blogging – sharing the enthusiasm, spreading the inspiration.

That might also prove that bloggers are among the people who are not stingy in the sense of sharing knowledge or experience. (Gosh, such a self defending statement here.. hahaha).

Getting back to I-donno-what-I-was-going-to-write-about, though I’ve been busy with work, I still leave the office as sharp as 5pm (whenever possible) to fulfill my desire to either run, swim or ride the bike. Normally it would be either run-only, or run-and-swim, or gym-and-bike. With KL marathon coming in fast, surprisingly I am still feeling quite calm. Before that I was nervous. Not to say that I’m now fully confident to run all the 42km distance, or clocking sub 5hr, or whatsoever kind of target, but I just kind of distracted a little bit with my work-life-family-financial-triathlon balancing act. There are too many things to do, too many expectations to fulfill, too many problems to solve, too many hours need to spend for training, blablabla the list goes on.

It’s like, once I’ve changed to my athlete mode (cheh poyo gile) and hit the road or swimming pool, I just kept moving on and finish what I’ve planned to train for each particular day.

Or, maybe I’m just emotionally tired of training for marathon. I mean, I’ve hit the peak three weeks ago (which some say very early) and tapering is something I’m not sure whether I’m doing it right or not.

Geez, I sounded too emotionally-disturbed blurry already (because I’ve lost the direction of my story line here). Time to hit the stop button.


KOOKY KASH said...

I didnt know u r Kelantanese. I dengar orang Kelantan lari laju2. Betul.......

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ooh, orang Kelantan yg u maksudkan tu bukan I. I run very slow. Maybe Razani ke, Shahrom ke, ermm.. sapa lagi athlete elite dari Kelantan yg lari laju2 ek?

Perhaps, it's the magic of using PowerBudu??