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Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Tests

Yes, I love FREE stuffs. Who doesn’t, right?

Though what was advertised did not come out 100%, there was a free blood pressure and urine test (and supposedly a cholesterol test) held at my working place today. Free test, so I did not let go of that chance.

Three leng-lui were already in the conference room upstairs, waiting for employees to come and get their free deals of tests. From downstairs, I walked up the staircase (which may have boosted a little bit of my blood pressure and heart rate pulse) and was then given a colorful strip.

”Ok, you pee on all five colors ya…”, I was told by one of them.

Hmm, this is kind of new to me. I thought I would be given the usual transparent urine container with yellow cap that I used to be given every time I do urine test. I still remember on my very first urine test which I did for a medical check-up, I almost overflowed the urine container. Can’t stop the pee, and the medical office never told me to fill it up, or just to gather a little bit of urine (well, I was a naïve 17 years old boy that time, and it was in the morning after a breakfast, surely my bladder was full maa).

Ok, back to the colorful urine strip.

I was just done with my morning rituals before heading up to the conference room, and it was not without a little bit of ‘forcing’ that I managed to wet the urine test strip. Not much of what I anticipated to happen to the strip (I was hoping to see some blinking or shining or discoloration to the strip), but it just stayed on with the original colors, only this time wet with my pee on it.

The strip was then being analyzed very scientifically with the precision ability of the eyes to match the color on the strip, with the reference they had on the bottle of the test strips.

My urine test result came out as, ”Hmm, everything looks ok. No blood, no ketone, no glucose, a little bit of protein and the pH was a bit less than normal which means you need to drink more water”

I almost shouted, ”What?? No glucose? But I’m an athlete and I just had a breakfast of nasi lemak and you are saying that there’s no glucose? How on earth am I going to run a marathon next week without any glucose in my body hah?”

Suddenly I realized that this is only a urine test, not a blood test.

If there is glucose in my urine, that would mean that I have diabetic problem. Thank goodness. Phew, luckily I did not sleep during biology lectures during schooldays.

Next was the blood pressure and pulse test. It was done with the electronic device at which I need to slid in the arm band above the elbow, and with one push of a button the device does its job to take the measurements.

Everything’s under control. Not high of a possibility for me to turn green and tear off my shirts and jeans and shoes today.

”I’m resting today lah... I’ll go broke if everyday needs to buy new shirts and jeans and shoes you know…”


[i] said...

lain macam je nurse yg amik BP ko tu nik...

sebenarnya aku kurang gemar kalau amik BP pakai elektronik. Manual is the best.

mesti ko gatal2 mintak sorang lagi nurse amik gambo ko tgh amik BP.... after effect after away so long with the mrs.... >_<

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

She's not a nurse pun, more like a salesperson as she managed to take the opportunity to explain to me their package A to package E of medical examinations to which i managed to kindly replied her, "Hmm, good packages, but thanks.. NO THANKS"

Wei, aku takde gatal2 ok.. kau ada nampak ke aku tergaru2? Takde kan kan kan? Hihihi..