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Friday, February 5, 2010

Going For My Second

Eventhough you won’t be able to think properly like a normal human being after your legs have been pounding the tarmac for hours, it’s ironic enough to say that it is the mental power that will push you to the finish line. As important as it is to prepare our physics with the sufficient amount of training, I believe it is also important to feed our mind with the vision of the race itself.

Visualize how would it be standing with the crowd prior to the start of the marathon.

Visualize how would you run the first half, and the second half of your marathon.

Finally, visualize how would you cross the finish line, with both arms in the air, and with the biggest smile you could ever put on your face. Limping or not, that’s not the issue.

In sports psychology, they call it visualization.

And that’s just what I’m going to do, 24 hours before the marathon. This is my final preparation. To feed as much as mental images of how I want to do my second marathon. The instant source? From internet of course. We have YouTube and some other stuffs, very useful, very motivational and inspirational. It doesn’t matter if you are not a pro runner, or if you are not a sub 4 hours marathon runner, but I believe one would need a very strong mind to achieve what many other people are only able to dream.

And it’s difficult to live without being asked about targets. And mine this time, still remain the same as the other races I did before, which is to complete the race, injury free. Plus, I want to be able to put my biggest smile as I cross the finish line, no matter what the timing will be.

During the marathon this time, I will be gauging on my pain thresholds as well. On my first marathon last year, I started to feel the pain at the bottom of my feet at 18km and that was very early. As I went along, the knees started to be affected by the pain, and that was where it felt like forever to come to the next kilometer distance marker. That was the point where walking took over the running. I hope this time I can run more, with lesser pain.

My journey is still long, my ambition is still big, and I hope with that in mind, I can cross my second marathon finishing line, smiling.

To all friends taking part in the marathon, in the 21km, 7.7km or even in the 5km categories, hope to see you there at Putrajaya. I wish you all will have an injury free race, and most importantly don’t forget to have fun.

For first timers, don’t worry so much. Believe in yourself and remember, we are doing what others could only dream. That already, is a winning point for you.



tolldoll said...

i agree with you. visualisation is a key factor that could block the pain and make you carry on. for my first half-marathon in PBIM, i spent the whole time visualising and the kms just flew by. i remember thinking, "woooowww senang gila half-marathon."
but during SCSM i was mentally tired and it was a crap race. heheh

Che said...

all the best bro! :) c ya tomorrow..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Sometimes mental says "go go go".. but the legs are screaming "stop stop stop!!"...
Later we'll see who is stronger between those two.

Thanks bro. C u tomorrow too mr glowie glowie... hehehhe.

ian yusof said...

just got my SCSM laminated cert yesterday ... it says 4:47:xx ... I think it will be tough to maintain that tomorrow. Let's aim for FUN then.

p/s - Hajat di hati sub 4:30, tapi tak berhajat nak training giler2...dilemma ... dilemma. Sub 5 will be good tho.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I find it tough to digest whenever u tell us about ur timing target.
Ahahahaha... (remember when u said ur target for the NB30 was 3.5hrs, when u completed in 3:05)

Are you sure u wanted to type sub-5? Or was it a typo error on your intention to type sub-4?
Hehehe. just kidding bro.

Yeah, let's go and have big FUN!

My target is not to be forced to hop onto the sweeper bus.

ShahM said...

Gud luck on ur 2nd marathon.

Hopefully the weather is on ur side,,
Skrg cuaca xbpe bagus kt ptjaya..kne stndby bju hujan kot..huhu

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Shah Majid,
Thanks bro. Lu tak masuk ke?

Hujan takpe, jgn panas terik.. hehe.
But then kalau hujan, i won't be running with my camera lah. My camera takut air.

Diket said...

This is perhaps a pre-good luck wish coz tomorrow we shall meet, right?

Good luck on your 2nd mara bro. It will be a blast of fun for all of us. Insyallah.

Anonymous said...

Aww, come on, it won't even look half like the Country Music Marathon! hehehehe.

Neways, good luck to everyone of us lah. Aiya, let's just forget about pain, suffering and enjoy it.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I've bought my face mask, tak mau lagi makan asap lu banyak2 sgt.. tak bagus utk kesihatan kerongkong wa.. hahahaha.
Pre-Good Luck to you too on your run.

Hehehe. Maybe yes for the other categories (7.7km n 5km).

As long as we do not forget our blog's password sudah lah.. right? hehe. Good luck to you, once again.

KOOKY KASH said...

Visualisation dont work for me, gossips does. :)

shuklazim said...

okay, aku visualize shakhir tak asap aku. boleh?

Diket said...

Shuk, apakah maknanya itu? No worries, esok aku guna enjin 4 stroke :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

So... what's HOT to gossip about this time? :)

Shuk & Shakhir,
Korang dua2 masuk angin keluar asap... hahahaha...