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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Other than lifetime experience, I also like to collect key chains. Normally if I go to souvenir shops of places I visit, key chains will surely grab my attention first. Their low tag price doesn’t mean they don’t carry any sentimental value, which reflects to me as value for money. The varieties of shapes and colors, materials and styles they possess simply melt my heart down to them, easily. Plus, they remind me of places on earth I’ve been given the chance by God to go to.

I have a bowl full of key chains I collected since my study time which I keep somewhere safe at home. If I can vaguely recall, some of the odd ones has the shape of a baseball glove and one comes in a shape of Eiffel Tower. I cannot remember the others, but they surely are plenty.

I never really realized that I like to collect (and receive… *hint, hint*) key chains, until recently. So, just to share some of those that I have around me in the office, here are some quick snap shots.

Some of the key chains I get from colleagues at work.

Once upon a time, I spent 5 years studying abroad.
Opened since 1863, London Underground train system is among the most complex in the world. Also known as the "Tube".

And while working, I had the chance to travel to the States. I did not go to the Empire State Building, this is a gift from a fellow colleague.

On another business trip, I managed to go to the beautiful Scottish land.

I went to Langkawi recently for some secret training hahaha and got myself this little eagle.

My latest collection. Simply love this one.

And since majority of this slowly-getting-bored blog content is to log my journey in multisports adventure, here are some quick summary of what has been happening for the past few days.

Nothing much.

Yup, nothing much was going on really. From last week Friday until Tuesday, I spent the holiday, holidaying. I brought my running shoes and gears along for my balik kampung vacation, but decided to ditch all my running plans. So, it was a 5 days of non-training, which also means five full days of makan makan makan makan and makan. Who can resist mom’s cooking, right?

And as a revenge (yeah, sometimes I think I’m a revengeful person, in a good way lah), I spent an hour in the gym doing full body strength training after work yesterday (now I know 1 hour in the gym for full body workout is very short, and very tiring), then did a very slow 1 hour run at night, before torturing my butt on the saddle for another good 50 minutes.


Che said...

hey, i like collecting keychains as well. ni mcm nak post my collection gak nih :P

note to self : gi siapkan blog Coke dulu.. haha..

Diket said...

I believed that your key-chains are as many as your medals...berkepuk-kepuk :D

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Oh good.. then we'll see who has the weirdiest/cutest/bizzarre/unique one.

No no no, my medals belum pun cecah double digit. The experience in racing n training with friends counts more.

KOOKY KASH said...

nice collection nik, next time if I travel, I will remember to get one for you. While u collect keychains, I have a modest collection of fridge magnets as well as coke bottles/cans which has no value at this point in time.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I have plenty more at home which i would like to share (their photos la). Maybe one day...

And.. thanks in advance.. hihi.

Anonymous said...

hey nik..i do collect fridge magnet..(hints..hints)hahaha..and your post reminds me of a friend whom asked me "u ada peti ais tak?"b4 giving me the so called fridge magnet souvenir..muehehe


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for dropping by.
Fridge magnet might fall as my #2 collection item kot, tak banyak lagi yg terkumpul. But they are cute.

Ala, kalau u takde peti ais or kalau peti ais dah penuh, boleh lekat fridge magnet tu kat kereta je.. baru la meriah! hehe

ian yusof said...

will keep that in mind on my next trip ... :) .... on the other hand, I (actually wifey) collect fridge magnets ... (*senyum melebar*)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

It's good for you to know what your wife (n your friends) likes to collect, easy for u to buy her (n your friends) more souvenirs, right?
(*senyum melebar jugak ni*)

And.. thanks in advance too.
(*senyum melebar lagi sekali*)..

Che said...

nak join senyum melebar gak :P

i do collect, err, wifey collects fridge magnets. i collect tong ngan botol kosong n glasses jerk.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I'm just wondering, what would be the weirdest collectible items ever?

Che said...

i used to collect bus, commuter tickets. then dah pandai naik kapal terbang, collect flight tickets.. then got married, all kena buang.. haha..

collect paper bags pelik x?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

That reminds me i also used to collect bus, train, flight n movie tickets.
I even used to collect all my ATM and credit card receipts, eventhough knowing they have not much of values other than being part of other rubbish in my study room.

Konon-konon memorable la, akhirnya ke tong sampah jugak... hehe.

deejay said...

bro.. guess what i'm collecting?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

No need to guess, i know already.
U collect MONEY, right? hehehe.

P/s: Kirim salam kat anak2 Transformers kau tu ye. Jgn lupa mandikan diorang, nnti berdebu.