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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SHE will never be forgotten

Long long time ago, HE was lonely. Being alone most of the times only by himself. HE did not do anything much. HE just sat down on the couch in the living hall after returning home from hard days at work, only to be accompanied by the world wide web displayed on the 17” screen, while waiting for the time to go to bed.

So did SHE, though being surrounded by many friends, HER heart was empty. Being there by the shelf, looking at people come and go, with a high hope that one day, someone might at least, notice HER presence there.

On one weekend, HE decided to go out to look for something that can kill HIS boredom. Enough of staying in the house doing nothing good to the body and soul, HE went out searching for some source of fun.

As HE wandered around doing some window shopping, HE saw HER.

”When HE first met HER,
It was like a love at the first sight,
As they smiled at each other,
Everything felt right.”

From the very first moment of being together, HE felt happy with HER. Even though SHE might not be the best of all, HE still chose HER. HE knows, nothing in this world is perfect. HE can live with a little imperfections. No big deal.

So does SHE. Never that SHE complained about being with HIM. HE might not be there all the time for HER, as HE got few other important things to handle in life. But at each time when HE gets out with HER, SHE’ll give her best to HIM. SHE enjoys every single step and every single moment, being with HIM. There’s no doubt that SHE was happy too.

The basic rule of having a good relationship is – to give more, and to get less.

They were happy, being together.

SHE sacrifices a lot for HIS happiness.

And HE takes care of HER, as best as HE could.

With the amount of sacrifices that SHE has made for HIM, SHE easily fell sick. SHE was willing to be with HIM at all times as required, regardless of whether it was raining heavily, or whether the sun was blazing its greatest heat.

HE cares for HER so much and HE knows one day HE will have to do whatever it takes, to save HER from HER illnesses. Even if HE has to take the risk of being perceived as not loyal, HE will have to face it. It’s for HER own good sake.

Lately, HE started to go out again, looking for some help. A help much needed to reduce the pain SHE is suffering. HE knows, this has to be done. Whether HE likes it or not, and whether SHE can take it or not, that will be a different issue.

SHE knows this is coming. And SHE knows SHE will be seeing HIM with another one. Sooner or later.

Last week, HE has just found a NEW ONE. HE has started to lock HIS eyes on the NEW ONE. HE can’t hide HIS feeling this time, it’s already too obvious. SHE already knows about it, however decided to keep it to HER self at this moment. SHE doesn’t want to let HIM feels so guilty for looking for another companion.

It will be a matter of time, where HE will have two or three of them by HIS sides. SHE will be on one side, and the NEW ONEs will join HER soon. Soon enough. We’ll have to wait and see, if they all can continue living happily ever after.

One thing for sure, SHE will never be forgotten.

This is HE/HIM

And this is SHE, looking old and sick, after more than two years being together with HIM

This might be the NEW ONE

HE has also started eyeing for this babe

Argghhh, HE is so greedy.


KOOKY KASH said...

Islam mengizinkan 4 pasang. Yang dah tua tu buat gi pasar. Satu untuk training, satu untuk run race, satu lagi untuk tri (like zoot).

Julin Julai said...

haha..ketaq ur wifey kalo baca and tak scroll down..mueheh

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

tak kelas aa setakat pi pasar. Yg tua kene dapat special treatment. SHE has been with him since HE is nobody/has nothing.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hahaha... kalau i ni Dato' ke Tan Sri ke, boleh la beli sepasang utk training, sepasang utk race, sepasang utk pegi pasar Ramadhan, etc.

I pun ketaq gak ni... ketaq nak keluaq duit....

Err.... hmm, aaahhh... no comment. Hehehe.

bola2api said...

beli Asics aaa.. ada kelas adidas hehehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Dengan Adidas tu lah aku berjaya survived Marathon tau.. banyak jasa tu.
Tapi kalau kau nak sponsor aku sepasang Asics.. kecik tapak tangan, tapak kaki aku hulurkan..

(Any reader representing Adidas here? I'm available if you want to sponsor me something, or anything... Err, please? Dah banyak buat iklan free ni)


Izrin said...

hhahaha..came across ur blog thru kak Kash. The title of the entry was interesting.. i thot SHE is ur wife! :p

The Corporate Athlete said...

terketaq tengok kasut-kasut yang bakal dibeli ....

lagi terketaq kalau en. nik kita nak bawa kasut ni pi sembahyang raya.

p/s - adidas is my middle name :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yeah, I also thought SHE is my wife.. haha. Tipah tertipu.. hihi.

I also have been reading your "Our Rearview Mirror" for quite a while, also from Kash's blog. Keep up bloggin' ya!

And thanks for dropping by.

En. Alfian *Adidas* Yusof, is this your real name? :)
Takleh bawak kasut Adidas pegi sembahyang raya woo.. nanti terketaq-ketaq (sebab tak khusyuk).

zulhassan said...

mmm dah beli kasut raya ya, aku belum shopping lagi. Masa no Time.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Belum beli lagi la. Baru bermimpi di siang hari je.
Masa aku memang banyak Time, tapi Duit not much Money lah...

yooyie said...

baper byk ketaq daaa....

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Err.. ada 7 ketaq...

The Corporate Athlete said...

En. Nik.
Nama azali saya ialah Arfian 'Adidas' Yusof