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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Desaru Long Distance Triathlon 2009 Result

Here's my official timing for Desaru Long Distance Triathlon 2009.

Swim Time: 00:38:19
(Definitely not a 2km distance swim)

Bike Time: 03:06:06
(Average speed 28km/hr - need to improve on this Nik!)

Run Time: 02:35:13
(Hey Nik, small kid also can run faster than this lah. Do something will ya!)

TOTAL TIME: 06:19:38

I can't ask for more... I did my best.
It was my first attempt anyway.

If there's any chance in the future, I'll try to do it better.

Yeah, if there's a chance...


amsyah said...

bro - congrats for beating your targeted 6.5hrs for your inaugural long distance TRI... sure there will be many more chances... nnt jgn lupa to share your trainings for your upcoming TRIs... congrats lagi.. woohoo...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks Syah.
Actually i didn't have any target time for it, i just wanted to finish it. So, i'm grateful with what i achieved last weekend.

Pressure is no good during a race (for me).

KOOKY KASH said...

P.S Nik, small kid cannot run 21KM in 2:35. I ran KOTR last year in 2:32. And there are still many others behind me who did theirs in 3 hours.

So you ran OK considering you have just swim and bike.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ooo, really?
Don't know why, but it felt sooooooo slow when i ran.

Thanks, that gave me some sort of relief.

Din said...

Hey, budok mano berhungga 21 km in 2hrs 35 min? Kawe agree with Kash... kito berhungga KOTR 21k last weekend pung 2 hrs 25 mins. Ssero nok chabuk kaki. Ni tamboh denge beghene dgn kateh sikal skali. Anyways, hebak demo!

The Corporate Athlete said...

nik, you are good !!!!
that's a pretty fast swim .. it's 2 km nik. Just admit that you are a strong swimmer .... :(

and man, you flew dude in your 21km. I don't think I can ran that fast after swim and bike.

and very nice cert! can photocopy tak? :)

Anonymous said...

nik. im damn proud of u man !!! tahniah !!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Dr Din,
Kalu ssero nok chabuk kaki tu, keno pase skru kketak sikit tuh. Kalu chabuk gak nayo tok pasa tokleh gi keghijo pulok.
Kawe takdok hebak mano lah wei. Skada buak suko suko jah. Tapi trimo kasih lah sudi ssaing denga kawe hok beghungga selo nih.

Thank man.
No man, it was really not a 2km distance. Even Mr. Chan said it earlier prior to the swim start. Maybe the buoys had drifted towards shore due to the strong current.

Feel free to photocopy, phototeh, photochocholatedrink, photomilkshake. Nak photoairkosong pun boleh. Hahahaha.

Thanks so much.
I also feel a little bit proud of myself, but just a liiiiittle bit only.
I'll feel much better if in the near future i can do a 21km run (in a long distance triathlon) in the time of 1hr57min!!! Hihihi.

Target kena ada, kan?

zulhassan said...

mmmm memang layak .... daftarlah untuk Ironman Langkawi.

Bulan January pun masih boleh REG, banyak masa untuk berpikir.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Nak daftar tu mungkin layak la.. tapi bab nak bayar tu yg masih tak berapa layak lagi lah bro...

Mungkin di tahun tahun tahun tahun tahun yang akan datang, insyaAllah.

plee said...

Well Done Nik!
1st LD Tri feels like genggam bara api biar sampai jadi abu( NOT arang!)Saw you there but only during the run and I had to rush off after the event..

Paul (de fella who used you as Pacer at SCKLM09)
PS My 1st LD too

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hey Paul,
Yeah, and the bara api was really HOT!!! Thanks.

Well done on your first long distance tri too! Hope you've done it much better than me.

plee said...

Thx! Just happy to finish!
As another finisher put it "Did not win but still feel like a champion!"
Dat's the beauty of TRI's and races I suppose!!

ungku said...

congrats man, now when is aini gonna do this desaru race??