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Thursday, August 20, 2009


As if I am going for a race this weekend, my daily training for this week particularly has been kind of – overly done, I guess.

Monday was a rest day, due to late hours driving from KL back to JB the night before.

Tuesday – 1.5 hours gym session for strength training which also included a 7 minutes speed work run on the treadmill. I ended up having sore quads.

Wednesday (yesterday) – I did another speed work running 6km-ish on the road. Continued with a 30km bike riding at night (or was it 36km? Don't know, I lost my speedometer last week) which I got attacked with calves cramps at one point (for trying to keep up with the speed demons). And I ended the night with another 2.5km itchy (geli-geli lah) run right after the bike ride.

Today evening – I will be attempting a 10km-ish run after work (hopefully, if the rain stops). And if that is not enough, I’ll re-visit the gym for another round of strength training, maybe focusing on the upper body muscles.

Pulun gile, kan? Hahahaha…

P/s: Sorry, I don’t know what is ‘pulun’ in English. I initially thought of putting “Poo-Loan” as the title of this entry, but… hrmm… enough with daily shitty shitty things at work lah.


KOOKY KASH said...

apakah plan anda time Ramadan?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Plan saya ialah untuk PULUN makan PULUT!! hahaha

Hmm, not so sure yet. But i'll try to squeeze in something whenever possible. I'm still weak in the planning department.

zulhassan said...

area umah tak ada anjing bestlah fullLoan malam-malam. selamat berpuasa.

amsyah said...

pulun jangan tak pulun. kasi lipat...

Ian ada post on training in bulan puasa, boleh kot... (good excuse to over-eat)

The Corporate Athlete said...

nih pulun abis sebab nak puasa ker? ... this is new! :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Maybe malam2 kayuh atas trainer je kot, sebab dekat rumah tu ada sekor anjing ekor kontot yang ganas bengis kejam zionis gile berbulu kaler hitam yg amat menakutkan.

Psst.. kat blog tulis macam nak rak, tapi actually tak buat apa2 sgt pun.. drama je lebey.. hehe

Yes sir. This is final pulun before puasa. You are right!

The Corporate Athlete said...

Ian Wright again!