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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Letting The Curtains Down

Apart from the months of April and August, December is another month in this year where I do not participate in any kind of competitions. No running, no triathlon, no swimming, no cycling, no nothing. If there is such a thing as 'resting competition', I might change my mind though.

On a slight look, 2010 is the year where I joined the most races since I started this little endurance and multisports stuffs back in 2007. I cannot deny that this is among the most awesome experience in my life – to see how far I can expand and extend my mental and physical limitations. I pushed my speed limit, and I pushed my mileage limit. Not that I’ve reached my peak yet, as I know I can still do more and do better. I strongly believe, the more effort I put on the training and preparation, the better I can become. And so can you.

That’s why it is so simple to be better in sports. You just need to put more hours on your training, and keep on looking for more efficient ways to get the best result. The difficult part is to stay motivated. Because, to get better in sports, it takes lots of time.

Having done this endurance multisports for close to three years doesn’t make me the best of all. My performance curve is no where near to showing any positive inclination. Fortunate for me you may say, because I love doing sports and getting my sweats out on daily basis even if I have no more competitions to participate. But, living in my real life, there are times where others things come higher in my priority list.

Saying that, I hope it is proper to say that I’m letting my curtains down, for now. I need to take some time off to rebalance my life to suit the current needs, which mainly evolve around family and career. It doesn’t mean that it was unbalance though. I just need to rebalance it.

The good news is, I will still be around. I may still do the geli-geli long runs or gelak-gelak LSD, or swimming, or cycling if I have the opportunity. I may still go for run or to the gym on daily basis – as part of my fitness maintenance program. I am still active in sports, although not as much as when I was preparing myself for competitions. Living a healthy lifestyle is still what I will continue to embrace and promote.

The bad news is, this blog may be more boring lah.

But, it has always been boring, right?

P/s: Yeah yeah, I know I still owe you my Malakoff Powerman story. The story is now stuck at 50%. I have no idea when I will continue the story, or whether I should continue the story. Dah basi sangat dah...


Zack Yui said...

It's ok bro. Take your time.
Report powermeng tu tahun depan jer lah kau buat. Jadik macam aku... hehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Zack Yui,
Make sure u continue to write about your ultramarathon training stories ye... ramai peminat filem HongKong berminat nak tau tu.

IJAM said...

kalau kena ngan caranya, report tu dah lama siap dah. Mcm ian cakap dulu, mcm satu beban pulak nak tulis race report. Just taip je la, at least kau dah post. (eh...mcm marah kau pulak...)

Khadeeja Shah said...

Wahh...u labelled this post as 'drama'..hehehe..mmg macam ending cerekarama laaa..
Have a good break, more time to plan for next year

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Rambut sama hitam, ke-busy-an lain lain....

I hope your debut marathon run in singapore won't have as much drama as i normally have. :)
P/s: Drama-man mmg selalu macam ni.. hihi.

shuklazim said...

it's okay bro. u don't have to race every weekend to stay healthy. what ever suits you.

powerman report jgn simpan lama sangat bro. kalau tapai dah jadi tuak tu, takut mabuk lak nanti

Diket said...

Farewell Nik (macam tak boleh kacau kat YM...hehe).
Good luck with the balancing act and hope to see you around racing with Syah Sully at Bkt Aman :)

Yimster said...

*waves ta ta* have a good and well deserved rest but dont neglect the upkeep ya. and i still love to read your entries no matter what!

wei pawarmeng report tak kan nak simpan tuk 2011 plak hehe

ziff71 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ziff71 said...

kat ujung first paragraph tu asih ada qualification ;-)

Anyhow if I had done all the races that u had done for this year I would take a rest too and catch up the times with family.

Nanti kita plan geli2 cycling kat Dragonback, tak jauh dgn rumah kau.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Larry McShook,
Tapai jadi tuak, tuak jadi apa pulak?
Tuak jadi air ketum?
Asalkan tak overdose takpe bro.. tak mabuk. Pening2 langau je.

Bila kau nak organize farewell party besar2an utk aku bertemakan al-nasi wal-mandy al-kambingi?

Ta ta ti ti toot toot...
I'll see you around on the training course ok. U keep it up bro!

U should follow Yim's footsteps lah, never stop liao.
I'm not stopping yet, i'm just taking it reeeeeally slow.

tsar said...

sama lah kita. Sure I don't have many medals to show or fast PB, but I hope I could keep on running. Next year ni pun tak tahu event apa nak masuk. Will be very selective. Hehe

But you're not off the hook yet. Report still kena antar. Haha

June Malik said...

Same same - boleh join buat party hehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

How's your knee doin'?

Ye, sama2 buat kenduri doa selamat. :)

reitak said...

now we can set up a semi-retired group ;p

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

We should make a cool t-shirt design with a "I'll Be Back!" sign.

Dancing Ciken said...

kak tipah dah patah hati tunggu report powerman. pi masuk race lain plak lah

december blues...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Cik Tipah,
Sebagai ganjaran ganti rugi, insyaAllah ana akan sms kepada ente, bila ana mau update itu cerita powerman lah... supaya ente boleh baca ana punya cerita basi itu nombor satu lah.
Afa macham? Sutuju?

tsar said...

Outer knee was supposedly fine during PBIM because of rocktape. Tp thigh and calves cramping start ujan lebat tu.
tp kena ingat2 gak so don't want to stress it too much at the moment.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Mine? I don't really have an injury alhamdulillah.
Cuma perasaan "malas race" tu membuak2 je lately.