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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Talent

We just had our mid-year performance review with the boss this week, and he asked us to update our talent profiles for future career development.

We were goofing around in the email among us. Of course, the boss has been excluded lah.
(click image to enlarge)

As for me, I think one of my talents is "good planning".

For example like last night. I made a plan A which was to go for a short run after work, before iftar. But then I got stuck in the office when one customer from Russia gave me a call at 4.45pm asking for help which I must comply. Realizing that plan A has gone into the dustbin, I quickly made plan B.

Plan B was to do some cycling on the trainer after tarawikh, maybe accompanied with watching a DVD. But then, when I got home after terawikh, my housemate switched on the TV and there was the movie Notting Hill showing on HBO. It was too good to miss out. So, I quickly made another plan.

And finally, I successfully executed my plan C. The plan was simple. All I needed to do was to lay down in front of the TV, watch my favorite actress Julia Roberts acting with Hugh Grant, while witnessing my tummy jadi boroi secara semulajadi after more than a week of no exercising. I finally dozed off at 1.45am.

See, I told you I have this little talent.


Diket said...

Good la bro. At least ada talent to plan your work and detour your plan :)
Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa bro.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kalau detour plan banyak kali sampai dah jadi taraf NO PLAN, talent apa tu? Hahaha.

Selamat beribadah to u too.

Anonymous said...

Some talent you have! Planning is an art, and you're a master. Even perut boroi secara semulajadi is an achievement what!

Shoot. Don't you just hate it when you can't workout when you're all hyped? Time tak de mood, banyak pulak opportunity nak exercise.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Oh no, Haza can read my mind!

IJAM said...

wakakaka...lawak sungguh..!!
'malaysia got talent'

captain_zed said...

"it's amazing how you, can speak right to my heart.." ahh, mmg sweet citer tuh.. good move..

WAH! people like u mmg kener update talent profile so that other location can see=) who knows..

my indisputable talents would be "GOSSIPPING!"

sorry the other day tak dapat nak borak panjang, byk kejer bosh.. minda sudah kelain.. huhuhu..

can't wait to be on the same boat !**wink2**

ziff71 said...

hahaha, kalau x kisah pasal fitness, Plan C mmg best...kene plak kalau makan pop-corn ker, twisties ker...karipap ker.

June Malik said...

for the moment me on plan C, and how did i miss that yesterday? its one of my fav movie of julia roberts .. "i am just a girl , standing here" apa lagi ek? haah , selamat berbuka di KL Nik

KOOKY KASH said...

...asking a boy to love her...sambungan ayat tu June. Yes, i watched Nothing Hill also oops, Notting Hill and went to Plan C. Sbb guilty tak habis2 I did my strength training this morning, terpaksa cancel nap saya.

amsyah said...

betul ke ni? wa rasa lu memang lari petang tu sebab wa tengok kat chatline, pukul 5 terus offline... heheheh

Notting Hill tu lu layan sebagai reward je kan... kahkahkah

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Don't forget we also now have a very talented running clown. U can seriously be very glamour lah bro. I see the potential in u.
It's ur natural talent, isn't it? ;)

If i confess i also like to watch Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride n some other Julia Roberts' movies, ada org gelakkan i tak? Hehhe.

Yeah, i'd love to ride on captain zed's boat. Very the happening, i like!

Lepas terawih mesti la kena ada majlis bermoreh-mesra depan tv kan?

June n Kash,
Wah, kita dah boleh tubuh persatuan runners jiwang ni. Gerek sey... Hihih

I think u r talking about urself kan? Cctv kat klcc park ada membuat pengesahan mereka nampak seorang pelari tegar tinggi lampai selalu buat fartlek kat situ.

IJAM said...

KAk june and Kash : both of you memorized the dialogue at the perfect point!! same as my female colleague...why?? (garu kepala..)

nik : aku kena paksa jadi clown la..huhu...

June Malik said...

that line the very the meaningful one, kalau boy tu tak faham jugak, the girl baring her feeling and her soul, memang tak wajib jadi bf dia :) thanks for sambung-ing kash ..

Nik, oh definitely, and trust me ,you will find ramai lagi guys yang suka Julia Roberts and her movies, I have pretty woman, notting hill, stepmom and few more in my ipod, tenguk time dlm train :)

another day of plan c for me !

Rizzo said...

Oit Nik,
Hahaha, flirting & farting...killing my time during class, dah tak masuk kepala otak dah hehehe. one more week to go. btw, dah konpem ke ni *wink2*, tak habaq mai pun hehehe.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Alaa, ramai lagi org lain yg kena kawin paksa tak kecoh pun... hihihii.

I need to kidnap your ipod... :)

Oits bro... time training tu jgn korang main lawan2 kentut lak. Nnti ada org buat laporan kat jabatan alam sekitar.
And about the 'wink2' tu, takleh nak habaq lagi, belum confirm.

ian yusof said...

if that's the case, we have the same talents....and I think, I'm better at it ....

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Do u have this talent called "not-feeling-guilty-even-after-two-full-weeks-of-no-running"?

I do... hihi.

ian yusof said...

and I do ... i still think mine is better... a full month of no-training and still no guilt feeling AT ALL.