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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Talk About Team Names

I still remember when I was part of the organizing committee for JB City Eco Challenge last year. I was let to be in charge of the race-day registration process. The race director gave me the participants list, their categories, and not to forget, their team names. It was funny to see some of the team names that I decided to take some shots of them.

Poyo jangan tak poyo.
I assume they are from the CAR contingent.

Hmm, I wonder if this fan club really exist somewhere in FB.

Balik kampung, tanam jagung, sambil mencangkung, perut kembung, kena lambung… hehehe.

I do remember seeing the team name MacamBagus on the registration list, but I didn’t take any photo of that. At that time, I haven’t know Ian yet but he did participate in the event.

So, come on and let’s share your craziest or funniest thoughts on team names. Whether they are your actually used team names, or something that you came across before, just share them in the comments area.

If I were to have a team name, it might be… ermmm... Team Lanun.

Kih kih kih…


crushhio said...

hi nik,

interesting entry!
my friends and i took part in the sun treasure hunt last year, the mother of treasure hunts in malaysia due to its large volume of participants.

we formed two groups and named ourselves - MATA DUITAN and GILA HARTA. how apt! hehe

looking forward to taking part again in this year's edition..

i think RBUs should give this hunt a shot!

June Malik said...

my team would definitely be lutut ketaq LOL, or my favourite, Yikes !

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

ahaha.. sangat sesuai dgn event treasure hunts.

hihi.. nice.

ziff71 said...

RamlahRam Fan Club...hahahaha that is hillarious

Julin Julai said...

Kihkih..Team poyo jugak pun ade.
Back in Uni, there was this band called Kumpulan.
So when the MC annouced, " Dipersembahkan, kumpulan Kumpulan"
It was hillarious.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

That RamlahRam fan club is from JB.. they are my training buddies here. One guy is a Ironman triathlete, another guy is a duathlete.

What if the team name is "apa ni?"

The MC will announce.. "dipersembahkan.. kumpulan Apa Ni?"

Fong said...

hihi.. miss those days.. shud have known u earlier, then ble gosip2 there =)

IJAM said...

Syed : last year not enough team member to join the sun treasure hunt. This year i enter johnson & johnson treasure hunt this 20th. Lepas hunt boleh pakai bedak dan losyen..
Team Name ye : hentam je, belasah je, boleh ke, takut ke,

ziff71 said...

Nik, I supposed they are not genuine fans of Ramlah Ram rite?? Assuming there are, dia org kene buat T-shirt kat dada ada gambar hati (love) warna merah....kelasssss gitu..hehhee

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Oh ya la.. u pun joined the jb eco challenge kan? Team elite #21. apa nama team u eh?
I'm sure it was not "Fong Bulat".. or was it?
Jgn marah aa fong.. gurau2 je.. peace!

Bukanke kau dah booking team name "karipap"?

Don't tell me u have that kind of t-shirt at home...
macam ada pengalaman je ni... hihi

IJAM said...

ha, ye tak ye, 'karipap dan popia'!

Zaki said...

Ijam, 'karipap dan popiah basah' lah!

RaYzeef said...

i used to be part of the team "Gedik Santai", now i'm content with Team Kiasu...:)

IJAM said...

ni yang buat lapar nak makan karipap dgn popia basah ni

Diket said...

Our mountainbike buddies used to sign up for Penang MTB Jamboree. Our team name was Camdek. Northen word for lambung. Haha.

Our ekiden run 2009, we used "Kudokularigagahberani".

ian yusof said...

ok guys... maintain these names and kita berentap kat TNF100 or Genting Trailblazer or Perhentian Island Challenge. Hidup macambagus! :)

p/s - mana menghilangnya Team Grim Duo or Grim Tri kita huh?