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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All About Shave

I'm in the midst of squeezing my head for any kind of idea of writing something on this blog. For all you want to know...

1) I never shaved my head bald. Never. And never have plans of doing so (except for haji or umrah lah).

2) I shaved my legs more than twice I guess. All in the spirit of becoming a triathlete (konon). And I'm going to do it again, next month.

3) Since I like to wear sleeveless tops during my training or racing, I guess I'm compelled to keep shaving my arm pits for not giving aches to others' eyes.

4) With the upcoming marathon in few days time, I'm not sure what kind of target I should set to myself. Just finish another marathon, or finish it strong and shave some more times to get another PB. I'm in no mood to race for the time being, to be frank.

5) Based on last weekend's plan, we were supposed to spend time being out of town (balik kampung). However, due to some unforseen health conditions that suddenly attacked my daughter and wife, the plan was shaved off. So, I just did a slow run on Sunday late morning, burning and toasting my skin from 8am to 11am. Straight from my doorsteep, towards Kiara park, 2 loops inside the park, continued towards Petronas Hartamas for refuelling, and straight back to my doorsteep the same way, minus the rounds in the park. 23km-ish done, solo (macam nak pengsan).

6) I think I'm kinda late to start my triathlon training regime. PD triathlon is approaching fast. But people say, better late than never. Lots of bad swimming habits need to be shaved off my subconcious mind as I noticed I was struggling once again in the pool. And I seriously need thousands time more the motivation to start clocking more mileage on the bike.

7) Some people say I look younger than my age. I thought that was because of me doing sports. It may be true. But it may also due to the side effect of me shaving my moustache and beard everyday. If I don't shave for a week, I look like I'm 38 years old or elder.

8) I think I'm the kind of person who have difficulties in accepting self weakness. If I can't shave off my previous timing even by a mere seconds, my mood will swing. I need to keep on reminding myself that, "I'll get there one day, if not today".

9) If I don't get to complete what I promised my customer today, I think he'll fly all the way from Qatar to shave my head bald. I'm not worried about that though. I'm worried if I have to stay back late to complete this one deadline job, I will miss the evening time that I need to train today. So, I need to get back to work now.

10) Actually, I didn't really know what else to write today other than just to let you know that I never shaved my head bald (can't remember when I was a baby though).


ian yusof said...

I remembered shaving my head once before heading to Beijing. I walked until late night there, and remembered the locals making way for me to overtake them ... my bro said that I looked very brutal when bald, especially when eating a drumstick chicken, with one leg up. They must have thought that I was a homeless Cambodian crook or something.

p/s - first lagi...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

U r consistently #1... impressive.
Ada buat secret training (in commenting on blogs) eh?

"Brutal when bald especially when eating drumstick chicken"
Ahahahahaa..... u made my day.

The next time we go eat drumstick chicken, i'll bring along my camera.

amsyah said...

no 1 - masa pagi haji insyaAllah, ye King!

and no 7 - I have to keep my facial hair sebab kalau masa meeting, people do not take me seriously (apa lah S.O. ni muda sangat... :D)

*cis... baru balik lunch, terus kalah kat Ian lagi! hampa gua...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Haji? insyaAllah.. banyak pahala tu.

I'm still trying to imagine Ian's bald look, eating drumstick with one leg up... it'll be hilarous.

June Malik said...

LOL, i was bogged down with so much housework (balik holiday and tomorrow driving to jb lak) but reading this sure made me laugh eheh .. err, if you not aiming for timing, come run with the FMVs lah .. 6 jam jalan2 tenguk KL hahaha

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I was thinking about that too actually (running with FMV), but... hmm, i'm still contemplating.

Hurry up come to JB.. cuaca so far is nice in the evening for training. Cuma hujan sebelah pagi aje..

Diket said...

Bro, we were talking about sweep a day ago, and now you talk about shave pulak ye?

Jom last kopek lsd weekend ni.

Syah, S.O. nampak muda takpe, janji terer handle meeting & taruk sama kontraktor :D

KOOKY KASH said...

Run your best timing, Nik! You are better than 6 hours. :)

Anonymous said...

This is Nik's blog, right? I'm at the right blog, right?

Hey Nik, you're not alone on that malas mode. I'm taking the liberty to shave off thinking about races.

I think I wrote the same thing at Syah's blog.

IJAM said...

hey, at least you admit it!!!...

plee said...

Funny and entertaining as always Nik!
PD and workload... you not alone.Am in the same boat.

Only done 2 mid distance rides since Feb.So Not in the mood for reckless motorists out there.. same for swim. but there is still time for PD. just hv fun getting there and doing it and the timing shud take care of itself.

Also after doing something monumental like 84ks it is normal to have no mood days.... but this will pass too (like a wave). thing is, with all the workouts you done, yr core shud be pretty strong by now so that is a plus point...reap the rewards and enjoylah! you may surprise yrself yet!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Tuanku Shakhir,
After shave, we have to sweep la.
Takkan nak biarkan bulu ketiak or bulu kaki tu berterabur aje kat lantai kot... ahaha

Pesan kat Shuk bawak bola golf.

Fuhh.. your 'racuning' (read: motivating) skills dah meningkat berganda2 lah.. very good. Thanks.

Yeah, i think this is my blog.
Hmm, this is my blog, right?


In that case, i give u M-Club membership number 0003. Syah got 0002, and 0001 belongs to me.


Eh, macam familiar je..
(mintak ampun tuanku Ian.. hihi)

I am impressed with your commitment in training. That day when i saw u running at Kiara park, gosh.. u looked so focus and up to some kind of big mission.
Hope to see u at PD ground, and also SCKLM. Don't forget to say hi when u sayur me ok! Hihi.

Julin Julai said...

Last year M bug, this year M club..macam2 la idea incik Nik nih. Saya nak sclub7
p/s mana mau isi borang?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

sclub7 tu.. reserve utk tahun depan.
Borang2 boleh didapati di pasar malam seksyen 7, gerai jual karipap, payung kaler merah.