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Monday, June 28, 2010

Evidence Of Determination

It’s true when some people say doing endurance sports can teach you a thing or two about life.

Running a marathon is one of them.

KL marathon last year was the arena where I first did something that I initially thought I couldn’t. And I’m glad in this year edition, some of them, namely the FMVs, managed to go against many odds.

Yesterday, they all crossed the finishing line of that grueling 42km distance, bringing upon their own stories (which I’m eager to read). I’m sure among the key words of their successes yesterday would be in the essence of ‘determination’.

Well done to all of you!

Marathoner Syed aka Crusshio.
With an impressive finishing time!
(Lepas ni sure kena lambung peringkat ke-8 ni)

Marathoner Yim.
Albeit suffering from a bad knee injury, still managed to get himself a very good finishing time.

Marathon Ziff, (sitting, second from right).
Bro, sub-6 marathon is not a snail pace lah. Now, don't you feel glad you were lambung-ed the previous weekend?

Marathoner Azza (seen here being encouraged by our King Mambo).
I think she doesn’t have any blog, but she’s a FMV no more.
Well done sis!
(Sorry, the photo is badly glared. My bad.)

Marathoner June.
It was a pleasure for us to be there to witness you crossing the finish line.

I know there’s one more guy donning the FMV vest yesterday but I didn’t manage to get his name or photos. Anyway, well done to you too!

And somehow I believe, through reading inspirational blogs of other runners and athletes (except for this crappy-full-of-nonsense blog of mine), the power of inspirations triggered their inner spirit and made their dreams came true, in their own effort.

That’s why, we should encourage more runners and athletes to blog (Dett and KA, yes, I mean both of you! hehe), and more bloggers to do sports.

P/s: Malasnya nak tulis race report. Nak turun tangga punyalah sakit kepala lutut wei!!!


Zaki said...

Syabassss... you're 1st to repo.. eh silap. Nie bukan race report ye?

KOOKY KASH said...

ini bukan race report pun. congrats page je.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ramai lagi yg dah buat race report laa.

Alaa, i baru nak pretend this is a race report...

June Malik said...

no no race report kena ada . hehee thanks, the other guy is Irwan kot, kawan syed .. turun naik tangga is nightmare, jalan kat luar nak angkat kaki naik curb and 2 inci pun haru LOL

amsyah said...

weiii mana aci...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

and you know what.. when i was going up and down the stairs at the LRT stations last nite on my way to Bukit Jalil bus station, i was looking left and right, just in case any cameraman would snap my funny actions. Malu betul.

keh keh keh...
i know yours will come out first.

Anonymous said...

Yim --> Powered By Pisang!

Diket said...

This ain't race report? Is it kaunter aduan? Or kaunter tujukan lagu?

OK. A hearty big hand applause to fellow FMVs. You guys nailed it to the bone. I had the best marathon with friends. Things get better and better started from Sundown.

ziff71 said...

hahahaha, seems that kelab sakit kaki/lutut (albeit temporary) is expanded ten fold after Sunday.

IJAM said...

entahnya...sakit lutut je, bukan sakit jari, mana reportnya?...
aku dah buat dah...tapi cikgu cakap dpt D, tak complete...
markah kesian la...

Yimster said...

Yeah, dilambung dek pisang :D

June Malik said...

well me and azza were supposed to take train home, went to the main KL station and took one look at the stairs to go to the platform and just walked out of station, took a cab home LOL .. any moving today is horrible, i cant imagine how Haza and Kash were after sundown .. but mesti you all agree, we'd all take the pains all over again, kan?? I know I will, hahaha .. ok stop reading this Nik and start that report .. yours dulu then others will follow ;p

Jamie said...

Congrats on your awesome run! You’re right about blogging – we need to do it to encourage more to experience the pain!

Muhammad said...

we met on sunday mrng at bkt aman car park. i intentionally told u that i've bn running 2-3 full mar b4 this, cos i dont want to feel nervous. in fact, it ws my 1st mar. so sori for lying to u bro.
btw, as u said, there're blogs out there which provide inspiration to newcomers, n yours is 1 of them. after reading report on yr 1st mar, i know i cn do it as well n yes, i did it! tx bro!!!

crushhio said...

wow, being mentioned in ur blog is an honour indeed hehe! TQ nik for the thots!

and i am walking as if my limbs are made from wood..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yes, please remember that your TNF team mate loves pisang. Go ask your dad to grow some more in the orchard. Hihihi.

Ini sebenarnya kaunter clock wise! Ahahaa.
(race report aku baru selesai tiga perenggan la... buntu beb, buntu)

Ziff n Ijam,
Watashi sakit lutut no more, alhamdulillah. Lapan kilo ais wa bedal semalam.

So, what's your vote? karipap or pisang?

At once i thought u wanna write your race report on my comment box.
ahahaha.. just kidding.

Thanks for dropping by here.
Yeah, because i myself started doing all this multisport things from reading blogs, nothing more.
Let's keep on inviting more people to blog about their sports.

Andri (or is it Andre?)
Ooo... main tipu eh? Ye ye aku ingat kau dah 2 3 kali full marathon. Nervous break down management rupanya.. it's ok. understandable.
You should have told me earlier, so that i can fix you into the FMV friends.
Congrats of nailing down your first marathon.
Now, go get yourself a blog. Many newcomers are waiting to be inspired by you pulak.

Being a friend to a super fast FMV like you, doubles my honour (and envy). Hihihii.

Err, kayu jati ke kayu cengal?

Yimster said...

Banana of course. Karipap kenot get at 5am in the morning. Teamie, start growing kat kebun tuh ya. Time oktober nanti, masak lah dia