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Friday, April 17, 2009


As you have read in my last entry, I was feeling so unfit that I could not even run a straight 36minutes. Not really sure of why and how it happened, I take it as the body is doing what nature has set it to be, or do. Human is not a super being anyway, so we might be so fit one day, and end up sneezing non-stop or having running nose the other day. Normal stuff.

Making sure I do not push my self too much and too quickly, I followed the Wednesday night ride at the back, alone this time. The speed demons were much further at the front, and I don’t mind it at all. They are very strong cyclists, I know. I just cycled as comfortable as my breathing would allow me to. And yet, I still got a catch of cramps on my calves when doing the second lap. How unfit I was.

I kept on paddling until I completed 5 loops (30km total), with a slight posture change as I was using the aero bars (Yeay, how happy I was to have an aero bars on my bike that night, I was smiling while cycling. Imagine that! Hahaha). It was not so comfortable at first and I was not sure whether I was in the right position to cycle with aero bars, but I hope with more mileage on the bars, it would become second nature to me.

Yesterday, I did another run. Much more improved as compared to Tuesday. At least, I could run non-stop for 40 minutes. With an unfit condition like now, 40 minutes felt like hours. I was not feeling satisfied with my running performance yesterday when more and more people overtook me on the run, but I know I should not go all out when I’m still coughing and having migraines now and then. But it was good to be able to get drenched with sweat again.

I feel like I’ve pressed the RESTART button on my body. Everything needs to be started again. The fitness training, the motivation, the emotion.

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