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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


On an attempt to do a run yesterday evening, I felt a pain at the center of the chest, internally, somewhere near the lungs.

Yes, I did a mistake by not fueling up the tummy with anything since my lunch at 12 noon, for which I thought the pain was due to a super empty stomach. But the pain was just weird, never that I felt that kind of pinching sensation in the lung area while running. I'm totally sure it was not becuase I was out of breath. Was it heart burn? Well, I can't tell because I don't remember having a gastric.

Knowing that my tummy was empty and the weather was not that shady, I fueled up with half a bottle of plain water for hydration prior to the run. Not long after, I felt hungry, and then I felt super hungry, and moments later the pinching pain came to the stomach, and then to the chest.

20 minutes into the run, I turned back to my car to finish up the remaining half bottle of plain water I kept in the car. I really thought I was just super hungry, and secretly hoping the water would help ease up the pain. I then continued running, slightly still in pain.

As for body check - the legs were OK, breathing was not so bad, and I was mentally fresh and motivated to start training for marathon. But, it was the pain that kept on psycho-ing me to stop the run.

My intention to run 1 hour yesterday, ended up with a 45 minutes one. Well, better than nothing.

If weather permits, I will try to run again today evening and see whether the body condition has improved.

I hope it does.


bola2api said...

angin jer kot.. kembung sbb lambat makan.. lenkali makan roti 1 hr before run.. take care

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kena makan roti ek? Kalau makan nasi beriani kambing dua pinggan boleh tak?

captain_zed said...

go ease on urself brother..sedar diri sket awak tuh dah tua (relatively)..keh keh keh

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Only if kat sini ada Genghis Grill mcm kat Dallas tu... for sure I won't be that hungry... hehehe.

captain_zed said...

OMG! if they have it here, i guess u, siti and i will be their regulars with special membership!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I hope they only open a branch in PJ or JB, not in Labuan or Miri.. hahahaha.