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Monday, April 13, 2009


Lemau, a Malay word that brings the meaning similar to "not crispy", in a sense.

For example, a biscuit when being left outside its packaging for a certain period of time, will turn from crispy to lemau.

Though I'm not a biscuit, I mean, I do not have any similar characteristics of being crispy like the biscuit, but I'm feeling so lemau since returning from Kenyir.

Since I returned from Kenyir until this very moment,
I only swam for 45minutes ONCE,
... and cycled for 100km ONCE,
... and ran for 9km, you guessed it, only ONCE.

How much lemau could I become? I'm not sure.

But, once being attacked by this lemau-ness, I am yet to find the cure for it. Being busy at work plus the sore throat and flu that I am having since last few weeks, blended very well to make me more lemau.

If before Kenyir I would feel frustrated if it rained in the evening, but now, I secretly hoping and praying that it would rain more and more so that I can easily put the blame on the rain for me not going out to train for my next event. And the worst thing his, I didn't even feel regret for not training.

I've missed the BHP Orange run last weekend because I was late to register. They went with first come first serve basis and in Klang Valley, to meet the number 3000 when it comes to a free running participation, would be like a matter of hours.

And although the route for the BHP Orange run was exactly in front of my house, I was so lemau that Sunday morning that I continued sleeping, where else I could wake up and pirate the run as I did last year. (Pirate run = to run without bib number).

I was making flu as my excuse for not running. How easy was that.

Well, I even feel so lemau for being this lemau.

Things have to change for me, the faster the better. Other friends went for the very challenging swimathon, some triathlete friends have also started training for the forthcoming Xterra off-road triathlon in Kuantan, and some others have even started training for their half or full marathons.

And what am I doing now? It's 7:22pm now, and I'm still at work updating this boring blog finishing up some left over work.

Another day has gone without any training. Gosh... what's happening to me?!?!?!


KOOKY KASH said...

You still got the post race blues. To get out of it, think how much you will suffer in yr next race if u dont get your ass out there. Hope this helps.

And btw, dont read my blog, it is as pathetic as yours. I am just malas. Hehehe.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks for the morale support Kash.
I'm starting to force myself to go and click the "Register Now" button at the site. Yet to be done, anytime within this week lah i hope.

bola2api said...

masuk angin kang kembung lak.. hahaha

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kembung ok lagi, jangan boroi udah.