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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No fuel

Approximately two weeks ago was the first time after Raya where the JB triathletes resumed the weekly night cycling routine. It was happening. Close to 15 triathletes and cyclists turned up.

Most of them brought something new. "Raya" la kononnya. As normal, when Raya comes, new things should come along.

One guy brought new fully carbon bike, some guys brought new frames, some with new water bottle cages and some brought new blinkers and cycling shoes.

And what new thing that I brought? Only the drinking water inside my water bottle can be considered as new. Other than that, nothing's new for me.

I was being idle from training for two months due to work training and fasting. So, a bit of high spirit for me to cycle on that night with the group. But due to lots of work to be done in the office, I departed from my office a bit late. Thus, had to skip my dinner. I did not want to be late for the start of the cycling sebab kalau lambat nanti tak syok nak kena kejar diorang yang laju-laju tuh.

I managed to be in the group of 13 to 15 cyclists in the first loop. Memang meriah sakan beb. Then, on the second loop I got dropped off (as usual lah, nothing new there). By the end of the second loop I felt like vomitting. So, I slowed down on the third loop sebelum apa-apa kejadian yang memalukan seperti termuntah di atas basikal berlaku.

I only did 3 loops that night, not wanting to push my self so hard after such a long time idling. If you attack your body with excessive shock no good maa. Sendiri susah aje. Once I got down from my bike, my hands were shaken. My body was shaken. Even my legs felt shaken.

Then I remembered and realised that I did not take dinner before cycling, and the last meal I had was my lunch which was at around 12pm. The cycling did not start until 9pm.

Now I know, never to cycle even for short distance when you got no fuel in your stomach. Unless you are a mutant la.

By the way, tomorrow is Wednesday and hopefully no rain at night. Jom kita main kejar-kejar on the bike with the triathletes!


[i] said...

gile ke hapa naik beskal tak makan...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Gile tu tidak le, cuma tak betul sikit2 je bergantung pada keadaan semasa.