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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pirate Out Of Shape

During one of the weekdays where I did my run at KLCC park last week, being entertained by the group of people doing poco-robics (as of poco-poco + aerobics) at each loop I ran, I was being told by some running buddies that there will be Shape run at Putrajaya on the weekend (last weekend that is).

In my schedule I would have a ‘free’ Saturday evening to go for the run. I never run in this event before, maybe that’s why I didn’t register for it either this year. A very typical me I guess.

In the morning, I had a round of 18 holes golf in Bangi with my clients. I scored my first “birdie” ever! So, that was good enough to keep my jovial spirit high throughout that very tiring day (since I’ve been having some sleep deprivation during the week).

After the golf and lunch, I rushed to Shah Alam for some errands, then back to in-law’s place with only 10 minutes time to spare for a nap, before driving myself down to Putrajaya – the night where I turned into a pirate again.

Ala, bukannya selalu sangat pun aku jadi pirate ni… kan?

So, I get to the race site with no specific target other than just to enjoy the run (and hopefully cure my legs-itchiness-to-race disease I’ve been suffering lately), and hopefully cross the finish line lah. Managed to meet some friends from running and triathlon groups at the back of the crowd, hoo-haa-hoo-haa a little bit before bumping into some familiar faces of KLCC park runners, namely Shanaz and Marlin. With that, I ‘locked’ my pacing targets for that 12.3km run, because I know they will be aiming for the limited edition medals.

With Nik Raiha and Yusran – triathlete buddies.

With Ironman cum Ultramarathoner cum Bomoh hantu, Zul-Kelakar-Hassan.

My pacing targets for the night – KLCC park runners
Shanaz and Marlin.

At 2020hrs sharp, the gun was fired. From the mid-back of the crowd we made our ways slowly and carefully in between the other runners. At some point it was so difficult to wade our way out that we had to run on the pavement for the first couple of clicks. Although at first my plan was just to follow Shanaz and Marlin’s pace, it turned out to be the other way round.

This was how far behind I started the race from…

… and this is those runners behind me. Ramai banget dong!

I thought I was not able to keep a sub 6mins/km pace due to the tiredness (and plus I don’t normally run that fast), but surprise surprise my legs and breathing felt normal. It is very seldom for me to do a short run race like this (anything around 10km distance) because I know I’m never a fast runner for short distance. My normal speed is always spelled as S.L.O.W. But I gave a second thought on that and just try to see if I can shift into my overdrive mode for that night.

And because I did not pay to run in this event, I didn’t stop at the water stations. Baik gile kan? Thanks to my fuel belt filled with Gatorade sponsored by myself. Lagi best! I just slowed down to wait for Shanaz who had to stop for hydration. Marlin was following by not so far behind.

What a statement!

The pace felt good, and all body system was showing a tip top condition. During the run I was thinking of how good if I can maintain this pace during triathlons or marathons, because normally my energy died quite fast especially when it is hot.

Oh yeah, talking about hot. Many runners were saying they don’t like night run because it’s humid. I think I should be grateful that humidity doesn’t effect me much. Yeah I was sweating buckets, but the night winds kept me cooler and fresher. But when it comes to daylight race time when the scorching sun is blasting its ray, itu jam kalu, saya punya enjin cepat kaput lah. Mandi air 100+ pun tak leh nak recover the heat..

Inilah rupa hantu-hantu yang lari lintang pukang setelah dihalau oleh Bomoh ZulKelakarHassan. Dua-dua hantu dapat medal, tapi bomoh tak dapat medal (I think). Kesian sungguh.

For people like me who seldom go to Putrajaya at night, I find it entertaining to see the views of lighted bridges like this one here.

Anyway, back to the pirating business. At some points after the half way through, my running buddy for the night was showing a little depreciation in her speed and started to give some warnings that her gastronomical contents were trying to escape upwards-ly (in laymen term, muntah). I let her take the lead with whatever pace that suited her current condition and told her that she has secured a place for the medal (based on the numbers of female runners we’ve passed and the timing we’ve taken so far).

Finally, we get to the finish line and dashed our way through the gate clocking a time of 1hr 9mins.

”Lanun sila ke tepi, jangan lalu finisher chute!!!”, kata pegawai larian yang bertugas pada malam tersebut dengan suara yang serak-serak basah tapi tegas.

But this pirate made stupid face and just walked through the chute with a pair of hidung kembang sebab dia perasan dia lari laju gile (padahal geng-geng dia yang lain seperti SyahSully, Diket Menchanak dan lain-lain lari lagi laju dari dia).

Sebuah adegan drama Jayaputra yang berjaya dirakam…
Karen: “Abang, kan saya dah kata jangan pakai kain pelekat hijau tu. Saya tak basuh lagi yang tu.”
Yim: ”Alaa, yang awak pegi pakai mini-skirt saya yang merah putih tu kenapa?”

Among the 200 fastest male runners of the night.

I love the sensation after a good race like this, where I know I came prepared and was able to push hard until the finish line, and seeing sweat drops falling from my chin, knowing I’ve done my best – the feeling of glory, my own way.

Tak dapat medal pun takpe.

Ye laa, saya sedar saya hanya seorang lanun….

Photographers are like a magnet to the runners. They never miss the chance, especially if the photographer is no other than Tey himself.


amsyah said...

rindu pulak nak lari short events :D...

jom pirate breakfast run minggu depan? takkan Ronnie nak halau kot

(NB : weh, aku mana laju laaa... DM tu ye lah)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aku dah ajak kau lari, tapi kau malu2 meow konon nak duduk kat rumah main chess sorang2...

Breakfast pagi ke, break fast bukak puasa ni?

(NB: korang dua2 sama je... lari kuat, kelentong pun kuat hehehe)

Anonymous said...

better lanun then nothing ! hihi. congrats anyways !

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Jangan report kat Persatuan Anti Lanun Kebangsaan ye... hihihi.
TQ :)

Yimster said...

Good one. Enjoyed the read. Great seeing you again Nik and hope to see more you in action bud :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

At one time i lost my mojo in blogging... i hope i'll find it soon when i do more actions.... hehe.
Thanks Yim. nice to see u too.

Diket said...

oooo ni la yang kau kaborkan tadi pasal dah suka-suki blogging balik ye? tersentak aku dari lamunan ngantok dalam meeting. keh keh keh

selamat kembali ke berlanun bro! dan tahniah dapat angry birdie.

p/s. apa lak ngumpat aku laju ni? skrg dah macam2 spesis yg lebih laju i.e. otoroman ada, cheetah ada, pakcik misai ada :]

June Malik said...

Caption gambar Yim n karen tak boleh tahan ...haha

Dancing Ciken said...

elehhh korang laju2 pun, ponteng jugak SCKLM tahun ni, kehkehkeh

yayyy u're back! kak pah nak chop kamu lepas raya ni boleh?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Dua tiga kucing berlari,
Mana nak sama si kucing Avatar,
Memang dah ramai yang terer berlari,
Aku tengok pun dah naik ketar.

Tak boleh tahan apa tu? hehe..

Kak Pah,
Chop mohor ke?
Yg SCKLM tu bukan ponteng la.. itu kitorang dah apply annual leave... tak gitu Diket?

Diket said...

Ye gitu...benar! :]

June Malik said...

annual leave jaga kedai runcit anak mami fmv? hehehe

deo said...

Takdenya out of shape kalau mcm tu punya lari, tinggal pasang bib je sure berdosup. Nasib baik lah DM clan tgh annual leave, kalau tidak, takde chance nak dapat medal tu huhuhu