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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Night Time Mumbling

Last year when I was still working in JB, I was targeting to participate in many running and triathlon races, with an ultimate dream of finishing an Ironman triathlon one day. My typical weekly schedule was roughly like this:

Monday: Gym session + Swim
Tuesday: Run + Swim
Wednesday: Bike + Run
Thursday: Run
Friday to Sunday: Switch to my ‘weekend husband/daddy’ role in KL, while squeezing at least one long run (LSD) during the weekend. Or perhaps a back-to-back session if I feel a little bit desperate to ‘up’ my fitness level.

Starting this year when I switched my career and return to KL where my family is, my weekly schedule turned out awesomely not-as-what-I-wish kind of thing:

Monday: Lucky enough if I can run in the evening. Or else I’ll be stuck in the office doing some paper work when a submission is about to due.
Tuesday: I might need to go home early to pick up my kids, it depends.
Wednesday: I may set this day as my ‘off day’ without being obliged to justify any reason for it.
Thursday: High possibility for a round of 9 holes golf session with a client.
Friday: Again, high chance that what happened on Thursday might be repeated, although with another group of clients.
Saturday: A very ‘tough’ 10km run, which feels more like a 25km. (“tough” here doesn’t mean the running route is difficult. It simply means I FEEL IT IS DIFFICULT to finish this distance)
Sunday: It is the only day when I turn into an iron man (unless if one day I decided to start seeking some help from a third party, also famously known as ‘The Laundry Shop’.)

Tak dapat jadi Ironman triathlete, dapat jadi iron-man kat rumah pun jadi lah...

So you can see now why I haven’t done any single race this year, despite of already being in KL where races are abundant and just a few minutes driving away from home.

Am I whining?

Am I blaming?

Am I being hard to myself?

The answer to these are a strict and clear-cut NO.

No, no and no.

So, why do I bring up this issue?

It’s is to show how important someone has to prepare before attempting such an enormous endurance event in the like of marathon or triathlon. The higher the mileage of the race events, or the better Speedy Gonzales you are trying to be, the bottom line depends almost entirely on how much you prepare for it.

It is also to show that if you see your friends crossed the finishing line of a triathlon or climbathon or swimathon or marathon or makanthon or whatever which you thought you could never ever ever ever do the same, then you should think again.

It is really not a matter of who you are or how your body size is. Sports background or not, fat or not, busy or not. It is a matter of whether you set your mind to do it or not. What should appropriately come next to that is your proper preparation for it. Follow that through with smart execution, and put gazillions of patience while doing it. Never rush for a result.

At the end of the day, you’ll be crossing the same finishing line as your friends did.

Amboi amboi, pandainya aku ceramah. Macamla aku ni terer sangat.

Ngeh ngeh ngeh…

But the real fact is... I miss racing...


sckhoo said...

not giving any excuse, my schedule is pretty similar to yours, except i don't golf :)

also, i am a step ahead, i am not doing ironman every sunday night because already outsourced :)

nice to see update to this blog

Dancing Ciken said...

haaa itulah perasaan kak pah masa tengah memboyot bawak pippi dalam perut. i feel u, ecewah!

family first k, see u soon!

reitak said...

same here same 20-30min run is not the same as my 'envisioned' training sessions... :)

rusfarizal rusli said...

golf pon okey nik..berpeluh gak tu..ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Diket said...

welcome to the ironman club bro. Hehe. 2-3 tahun lagi include uniform sekolah sekali ye. lepas ni boleh la buat AGM untuk lantik new chairman of the "board". haha.

slowly bro. there's always next year...just another 4 months to go. kita train sama ye :]

June Malik said...

Janji bahagia :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I should follow your footstep in doing the 'outsourcing' thing lah... smart move. hehe.

Tapi kak pah lain... kak pah terer secara semulajadi sejak dulu, kini dan juga bile2... hihi.
Hanya org terer ada pipi kat dalam perut. org lain semua ada pipi kat muka je...hehehe.. jgn marah aaa...

Yup.. u r right. At one point of time i had to bail out from an invitation to do a 15km LSD. Punyala takut. 10km pun dah ketar lutut...

Kalau golf tu cepat berpeluh sbb gabra tak pandai main. Furthermore, lepas habis main golf biasanya tak dapat 'finisher tee' pun... padahal kulit sunburn jugak.

Jadi iron-man mcm ni lagi penat bro.. tiap2 weekend ada 'race'... hehehe. Back-to-back gitu... haha.

Yes, another 4 months bertambah lagi setahun usia kita.. bolehla celebrate b'day sama2 mcm tahun lepas nak? Tapi thn ni dah takde Genting Trailblazer... hampehs..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Tak boleh mungkir janji... hihi.

Julin Julai said...

wah, boleh buat acara calen mencalen ngan diket untuk Ironman yang terhebat.
tolong bukak category untuk Women Open juga sebab saya jadi Ironwoman setiap hari.

K3vski said...

You miss racing? I miss your blog posts... especially your blog posts on racing! So get racing! Haha.

Anonymous said...

eh..macam gambar copy je tuh...jap, jap..i check balik archive..hihih..welcome back to blogging nikkie boyyy.dan, selamat ber ramadhan ye. aaamiiinn.... p.s. lunch kena tunda dah ye? hihihi

SuN said...

tolak golf n reading my own weekly routine :( 'very tough 10k' sgt2 btoi. adoi..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Utk kaum wanita saya bukak kategori Master Chef je lah...

I'll do races if you let me borrow your legs... deal? hehe

Yes, gambar tu copy from my camera.
Salam Ramadhan to u too :)

Lepas Ramadhan, jangan kan 10k... running shoes pun dah lupa letak kat mana sebab langsung tak lari time bulan puasa.. hehe.