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Monday, November 8, 2010

When Long Felt Short

Last Friday was Deepavali so we had an extra day of ‘weekend’. It was a long weekend for me, which felt quite short as it was filled with many interesting things I managed to do as a mean to rest my brain from the hectic work life. I’m still busy with work, so I hope I’ll go along with photo-log this time around.


It became the day where EnAikAY turns into a DIY (do-it-yourself) guy. We went to the filled-with-human-beings Ikea to get some shelves and chest drawer. The home needs a little bit of housekeeping lah.

I started off with assembling this Gorm shelving unit. Since we live in a relatively small house, we need to store things vertically wherever we could.
In total, we have five of this unit altogether since we first moved in.
(Photo from Ikea website).

With a little bit of extra space in the credit card before it hits its limit, my wife wants to have this white chest drawer for the master bedroom.
It took me about the same time of doing a half marathon run to finish up with the assembly of this chest drawer. But it was fun, for me at least.
(Photo from Ikea website)


EnAikAY puts on his running attire and did a relaxing run from Bukit Aman to Hartamas and back. It was a pretty quiet and descent morning for a long run. Syah and I chatted all the way, reflecting on lots of things from school day memories (yes he was my senior back then), past racing and training experiences, future plans, and also on some other general gossips (ahahaaa). Lambung session was held at a very sopan santun manner.

By the way, it almost went into a disaster day when I wrongly updated my Dailymile for the time we took to run that 20.7km. I wrote 1hr09mins instead of 2hr09mins.
Thanks to Syah who quickly SMS-ed me for the typo, or else I might end up with bleeding ears for the whole day. Tak boleh kasi chance sama itu lanun-lanun jalanan di dalam Dailymile
(I didn’t carry my camera this time, so above photo was the one during KL marathon this year).

We also had some fun time in the swimming pool. Though my daughter was initially a little bit scared to be left alone, I managed to convince her with some water confidence.

We then went for a wedding in the afternoon where I happily did my post run recovery carboloading. The nasi minyak was perfect, with gulai kambing and roasted chicken as the main side dish. It’s ok to be boroi once in a while, right?

An unexpected decision was made to travel to Kuantan to pay a visit to my wife’s grandma who was not feeling well. My daughter was also looking forward to re-visiting the beach after a long while, so did her daddy.

A very heavy storm was heading our way. My daughter was a bit frustrated as we only spent 5 minutes there. So, I promised her to come to the beach again the next morning.


Sunday gave us a wet morning with some drizzles but a promise is a promise. After breakfast we went again to the beach. I love spending time at the beach, even if I don’t go into the water for a quick swim. It was so relaxing, and calm.

While they were busy enjoying themselves with the sand, I made my self busy practicing some photography skills.

And with no other chance for good heavy, free and guilty meals of the day (read: wedding ceremonies), dapat telan buah kelapa pun jadi lah.

The journey back to KL yesterday evening was a bit packed, especially upon reaching the toll gates. But nevertheless, it was a great get-away weekend for my family.

This coming weekend, another get-away race weekend in Seri Manjung, Perak. So this week will be a combo of peaking up, tapering, carboloading and final gearing up, all jumbled up baeek punya. Pening kepala aku.

P/s: Oh Monday blues, why do you have to come and visit me today? I never invited you lah.


Diket said...

If only the storm was a bit later, I trust a beach run would be perfect for you kan? Nice weekend bro. It's monday and it's time to put on your race face already :)

IJAM said...

Good luck for powerman!!!
jangan lanun pulak...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

No lah, awal2 lagi dah tinggalkan running shoes kat KL. Takut terjebak.. hihi.
Race face, no. Panic face YES, YES and YES!!!

Tq bro.
Dekat Lumut nun ramai TLDM lah, berani la lu jadi lanun.. kena tembak dgn meriam boleh berkecai usus besar.

ShahM said...

Gua gi ikea last saturday. Tggalkan anak2 kt makcik2 dorg..packed gilerr lah bro :P

"hari2 bz di opis,
Lupe plak gua nk wish.."

Heppi Belated Besday bro. :)

RaYzeef said...

power betul..buah kelapa main gigit jer :)

goodluck on powermeng! tolong jaga ziff cengkerang baik-baik --> pesanan dari Zaki Otoromen

June Malik said...

wah a good weekend :) and good luck for powermeng, i was planning to go and support u guys (have an uncle there to tumpang tidur) but now sudah ada hal pulak kena cancel ! will support u guys via sms :)

Dancing Ciken said...

kenapalah entry kali ni macam sayup2 angin laut je. relax nik, jangan ler ditelan kelapa itu, nanti kak tipah tolong supply kan time powerman nanti

c u this weekend!

tsar said...

eh, korg tak jadi LSD @ kinrara ke? sbb hari tu Syah ada sms bgtau dia nak buat 25k LSD kat sana.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Wish lambat tak mengapa,
Yg penting tidak lupa,
Kalau lupa pun tak apa,
Thn depan masih ada.

Ye la.. buah kelapa mesti la gigit. Takkan nak 'rub' pulak...

Support via SMS? wow, teknologi moden tuh.

Ok, see you and your spanking brand new bike at Manjung. Boleh kasi test ride sama itu Specilized ka?

I think Syah forgot to notify u of the change of location. So, did you ran at Kinrara?

tsar said...

I never ran at Kinrara before, so I just my usual route - Pandan2 area-Jln Ampang-Jln Tun Razak.
in a way, relieved that Syah didn't update me. I could "run" my usual geli-geleman pace. Hehe. Next year la kot try join LSD ngan sifu2

tolldoll said...

im thinking of buying the gorm set too... are they good? i cant decide whether to get the rm99 one or the rm129 one.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i love kuantan's beach. the whole stretch lah!! besT!! your girl is sooooo cute!

Jamie said...

i also love stormy weather! it can be romantic in the literary sense. nothing like a steaming mug of coffee, music or book while staring out at the gathering storm.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Both are equally easy to assemble and light. If u r still unsure, u can buy both. You can use one, and the other one you can give it to me. I don't mind. :)

Yup, same here. I love nice white sandy beaches too. TQ. :)

I love to be inside the storm, with its strong wind blowing through my face. And i always love the feeling when the heavy rain is about to burst. One of my wish is to run a marathon when it's heavily raining. Ahahaha..

ShahM said...

Gua balas yer..

"Kalau taun depan lupa,
Mgkin bila2 pun akan lupa,
Kalau asik slalu lupa,
Takut2 nama lu pun gua lupa..,"

Gud luck on ur coming Power-Rangerman, en. otromen.


ziff71 said...

Nice weekend tu Bro! The part bersantai di pantai dgn family seems very soothing (sentimental sikit ni hehe)

Fong said...

nice weekend =) pasni berkelah kat lumut plak =)

ian yusof said...

for me, the highlight was the nasi minyak with gulai kambing !!!

p/s - lapar giler skrg nih ... ada 2 PTs tadik

Ian @ 1.11am.

Khadeeja Shah said...

Wah, dah start train ur daughter for kids tri ka